Why are the faces of some of them bleeding?

(Why–Nichole Nordeman)

There are some things I do not pretend to understand…

As I feel the tension rise around me and hear the emotion increase in the announcers voice on the TV that is turned on WAY TOO LOUD in the res hall right now, I am thinking about how little sense all of this makes.

Someone died, therefore I am going to make a nuisance of myself. Someone died, therefore I am going to kill some more people myself. Like are these people even listening to the craziness of their own logic. It makes absolutely no sense to me to say life is precious therefore I am going to damage some more lives. Like really? How in the world is being violent yourself solve anything? All you are doing is creating more things that you don’t even supposedly like.

Also, it is really dumb to be upset over the verdict tonight…sorry, that isn’t a nice way to talk, but it is extremely true from my perspective. The grand jury is NOT deciding whether or not anyone is guilty or innocent; they are deciding whether there is enough evidence to have an actual trial that would determine guilt. If they say yes, that does not mean they have decided anyone is guilty–it means they have decided that there is enough evidence to have a trial. If they say no, that does not mean they have decided anyone is innocent–it means there is not sufficient evidence to waste a ton of money on a trial that will be inconclusive anyway. Ultimately, either way, the decision makes absolutely no difference, and neither would a guilty or not-guilty verdict in an actual trial. Whether or not someone is punished has absolutely no bearing on whether Michael Brown is dead. That ship has already sailed. He is dead whether it is a wrongful death or not, and no amount of punishing anyone can bring him back.

I also want to believe that no one wakes up in the morning and says to themselves that today would be a great day to kill someone. I feel like that has to be something that happens either accidentally or in a burst of bad judgment. I have not seen the evidence to make a sound decision on which was the case in this particular situation, and while I have some opinions about it based on what I do know, this is not about what my opinion is.

I guess my point is really that I don’t understand what all this hoopla is about. Why can’t we just all act like adults and realize that no amount of acting out is going to change the past. The only thing we can do from here is do unto others as we’d have them do unto us…and I don’t think I’d want someone to attack me either emotionally or physically, so I am not going to do that to anyone else…just sayin…


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