They said stay inside the lines we’ve drawn you will be just fine don’t take chances with your life

(Live like we’re alive–Nevertheless)

So yeah, last night I woke up around midnight and my half asleep formerly OCD brain decided that meant I might be sick…which since I was awake for a few hours gave me plenty of time to think about how while I am a very strong rules-follower there are certain rules that I kinda skip sometimes…and sometimes rules that seem so hard to follow are actually really there for my safety…Like there are signs up letting you know that you are supposed to wash your hands before leaving lab…I didn’t yesterday, and I’d been touching things in lab, grading lab quizzes, grading term quizzes, and looking through a textbook that had been in there long enough to smell like dissection as you turn the pages…so clearly my hands were not clean…and I immediately went from there to eating…without washing my hands…oops…which actually broke another rule…second year my counselor made a rule that no matter what I should wash my hands before eating. Even while I was washing my hands excessively I occasionally didn’t follow through on that rule (which she seemed to think wasn’t a bad thing since it was usually in socially appropriate times to skip washing), but I decided a couple weeks after first year that a rule a counselor makes is no longer valid when I no longer see that counselor (because one counselor told me I couldn’t do anything risky, and it was not very fun to bike if I couldn’t cross the street…which looking back I am sure she didn’t expect for me to take it that far, but she said nothing risky and I agreed to it so yeah…) but anyway, that is a rule I should probably have hung on to…sometimes staying inside the lines is for your own protection…

Speaking of not taking chances…yesterday I was driving home and part of the road was closed where I always go home…I got really lucky and the random direction I turned happened to bring me over by Lot B which I knew how to get home from, but I was not a happy camper, because I always drive past school on my way home, and who are they to say that with all the turmoil in the city that I can’t drive past school where there are people with guns to protect me if necessary…well I read the news this morning to try to figure out why the road was closed (because I am smart enough to realize that cones don’t go up to just wreck my life) and I couldn’t figure it out, but I did find that people were apparently laying down in the street a couple blocks from my apartment last night…so I guess I was lucky to make it home before that…and I suppose that means I need to put on my big girl pants and put my bike in my car to bring it to school rather than biking to school today and then walking home…’cause you never know what the crazies are going to think is a good idea next…and I don’t wanna be half way home and have streets closed so I can’t get the rest of the way ’cause that would make me MAD! and I don’t think I would be a peaceful protester if that happened…and it probably wouldn’t help things if I started screaming for everybody to get their stupid butts out of my way right now 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1.5…1…0.5…0.4…0.3…0.2…0.1…0…I thought I told you to move it!! (See, I do think things through far enough to stay safe…just the logic to come to the safe decision is just a little different.)

Edited to add: I just read the news a little more closely, and I still have no idea why the road I wanted to drive on was closed, but I did learn how lucky I was last night…I am not going to give road names since I don’t want to locate myself, but according to the report I read, about half an hour before I left to go home protesters were a little under a mile and a half from my apartment in the same general direction I was coming from (although at an intersection I was not at) and around the same time I was arriving home they were at an intersection a couple blocks from my apartment–and I had been 1 block away from that intersection in more than one direction on my way home…I don’t know if I got there shortly after or shortly before them, but either way, I am very glad that the most drama I saw was a road closure…especially because almost bedtime girl would not be the most patient and loving girl…and that is probably a situation in which wearing my crabby pants could get me in trouble…


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