We’re gonna have some fu-u-un!

(welcome to the show–Britt Nicole)

You know you live an adventurous life when you are screaming and can’t sit still while you are driving because of the exciting things you are talking to yourself about…Especially when I am alone I have great monologues with myself…Here are some legit examples from my adventures yesterday (I go to someone’s house for Thanksgiving, because while it would be easier, and less costly (time is money and ya’ know, buying things costs money) to just go on with life as if nothing was different, that is not what holidays are about and people would feel bad for me if I did that, and plus there are so many people here that I truly do LOVE spending time with, so it is a good excuse to spend all day not at all involved with school or studying or real life whatsoever and just get screen time and cut out snowflakes and eat somewhere besides my bed or the corner of the res hall lobby 🙂 plus I decided that on Thanksgiving I could eat whatever I wanted…and let’s just say that when you are eating chocolate covered pretzels for lunch because they have a higher nutritional value than the other things you have been eating that is probably a sign that it would be good to have someone else meal planning…)

(Driving past a store next to the place where I got new tires on my car) Look! Look! I think that’s that place I saw on the news a couple days ago with the people everywhere!! Look at all the signs that say they’re open…either they are open 24 hours or else someone has a LOT of work to do at night when they close…I’ve been right next to there before!! I am making history! Is this for realsies?!

(Driving past a specific intersection) Hey!! This is that intersection where I was kind of lost and not really sure if I turned towards or away from school a few weeks ago and then like ten minutes later had a little bitty party when I figured out that I was going the right direction!!

(While slightly lost…because why wouldn’t this directionally challenged girl be super lost…stupid city-planner who should have known how confused I was going to be and should have predicted my wrong turns and failure to differentiate right and left) Girlie!! You what did I tell you about being lost?! You CAN NOT get lost here no matter what. NOT OKAY! You are in the same zip code of the place you are not supposed to go and if you end up there something bad might happen because you can’t keep your mouth shut, and I don’t really think anyone cares if it is your fault or not, why can’t you just not get lost?! I don’t even know how big a zip code is, but I do know that I’d prefer not to find out and end up in trouble for it so you better figure out where you are like now! (Umm yeah, because telling myself to not be lost is super effective in actually figuring out where I am…luckily, I somehow managed to find my way home without at least coming across any road names I recognized…although clearly with my navigational abilities that doesn’t mean a whole lot…)

(While driving past a particular light pole) Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! I know where I am now for real for real!! This is that place where I hid behind the light pole while I called security last spring and then they said they would help me then put me on hold for like ever (or 10 minutes or so) and then I hung up and tried again and they said they weren’t helping me and then I kept walking towards home (oops away from Lori’s house) until I tried calling Lori and she came and rescued me!

…isn’t it great when you know places in your city more by this is where I got lost that one time than by this is how to get there?…

I love myself so much!

Also, I know that I have used many lifetimes of exclamation points according to my brother, but I think it is fine—there are plenty of illiterate people in the world who will never use their exclamation points, so I am really doing them a favor by putting their exclamation points to good use 🙂

Random but awesome quote from my amazing and insightful friend Stephanie Pauline, who works very hard and donates her entire paycheck to the ministry she works for even though that makes it really hard to make ends meet sometimes: “I, personally, have been known to joke that I have a very inclusive approach to spirituality. I equally value offending Christians and non Christians alike. LOL. Now, don’t worry, that is just said in jest. I actually hate offending others, but I have found sometimes it is absolutely necessary as sometimes people are offended simply by your being whatever it is you are. Either it is too this, or too that, or not enough of this, or not quite what was expected. If your conscience is clear – and you are following faith, then really, what does that matter at all? It doesn’t.” I think she hit the nail on the head. I don’t want to offend anyone, but offending people is inevitable sometimes regardless of who you are or what you believe.

Also random, yesterday I met the woman who lived next door to the house where someone I knew died last spring. It made me think about how small the world is and how everyone has a story to tell even if you wouldn’t expect it…


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