I have to make a choice sometimes

(Seventy times seven–from the musical Truth Works)

I listened to a couple musicals yesterday morning while studying, and oh my…I love musicals so much, and sometimes the songs just strike my heart…The premise of this one is a track meet…but I don’t think that is relevant to the lyrics I want to share…

Here are some epic lyrics to rest your soul in today:

Someone asked the Lord one day about forgiveness and mercy. He asked how should I forgive someone who has really hurt me. Then Jesus answered him with a simple equation; it isn’t higher math just multiplication. How many times should I forgive? Seventy times seven…don’t use a calculator to figure it out, forgive as God has forgiven you that’s what it’s all about…I have to make a choice sometimes to show forgiveness and mercy. I think how can I forgive someone who has really hurt me. Then I remember this, it’s a simple equation; it isn’t higher math just multiplication…love your enemies bless those who curse you. Do good and pray for those who hurt you.

So yeah…also, I saw someone today that I used to hate and she smiled and that triggered something in my heart to recognize the humanity in her, which has been really hard for a long time, and “for a moment I find hope” (Courage–Superchick). I don’t have to like everyone in the world, but I do have to love the to the best of my ability…and these lyrics are a really amazing reminder that I have been forgiven and therefore I, too, must forgive…if God can forgive me then who am I to choose among who deserves my forgiveness…it ought to overflow from me…’cause obviously 490 times isn’t enough…and no one can hurt me as much as I hurt Jesus by causing him to have to hang from the Cross he carried with vinegar on his lips and a crown of thorns on his head…and yet he forgives me as if it never happened.


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