You Never Know How Far You Can Get From Where You Are


So as of about 1pm yesterday I am at my permanent address. In some ways, life just continues to go on as if nothing changed, but in other ways it can be a bit hard to adjust.

So yeah, the first gas station I stopped at was an interesting experience…I walked in to get my receipt and the cashier seemed totally oblivious…I waited a couple seconds to be noticed and greeted and when I wasn’t I said hi and she looked over as if I were interrupting her and said she’d be with me in a minute…umm yeah, it looked like all she was doing was playing games on her phone…so that was kind of annoying, because it was around 5:45am-ish, so I just wanted to hurry up and get back on the road and to my music and snacks…

An hour or so later I saw my life flash before my eyes…so I was playing with my orange…because I am a toddler at heart…and suddenly my car hits a bit of sand on the road and kind of slides away from the direction the road is facing, and since my orange is in my left hand and my left hand is better at driving, my right hand way overcorrected…and let’s just say it was a good thing there was no one on the road, because I was all over the lanes trying to get straightened out…

and then there was the fog that randomly came and was so thick that I had to slow way down to be able to tell which direction the road was going…that was fun…

And then there was the most run down gas station ever…it kind of looked like a bomb had gone off and they were re-building or something…and there was a paper sign written in highlighter under the sign on the women’s restroom that said women only…I would love to know the story behind that sign…why in the world would a sign be needed to tell people that the women’s restroom is only for women??

Another observation: it is probably a sign of how much I have been through that when I see emails sometimes I figure before I open the email I should probably be within close proximity of somewhere safe to show intense emotion…but as it turned out yesterday, I didn’t need that…I got an email that I was the lead tutor for patho…I wasn’t happy with my grade in patho, but it wasn’t because of my understanding of the material…it was because they decided after we had a homework assignment for a week that about 24 hours before it was due they would announce they were no longer collecting it–good bye 15 or more hours spent on that assignment…and they announced that the quiz over that material…that material that I did not miss a single point on all semester…would also not be taken…I was NOT happy…if we had taken that quiz, or if the homework had been collected I would have had my grade…or if they had actually given extra credit like they had said they would for doing all of the lecture evaluations…I took those seriously and spent at least 20 minutes after each lecture doing the evaluations and got no credit…so when I was a point away from my grade I was not a happy student…but I can’t change it so I guess being lead tutor is an okay way to acknowledge that I am not stupid…

I thought coming home was going to be amazing–away from the issues at school…well

Haha yeah, I thought I accidentally posted this earlier when I got up because a 9-ish year old was babysitting her 1 and 1/2 year old sister and the sister was playing harmonica and about to go down a flight of concrete stairs….so I stepped in because KID TIME!!…and we scribbled pictures on my laptop…

Yeah, coming home to where I was when my life fell apart. Coming home to my room in the type of disarray that comes from packing at last minute and living a life in extreme limbo…coming home to friends that require more effort to see…coming home to friends who last heard about the chaos in my life in August and haven’t had updates since then…I didn’t fully escape…I am taking some time off…not working very much…hopefully getting to relax and seeing friends…I won’t get to see many kiddoes because I forgot to ask Sundays off, and this morning I was mostly in the 3-5 year olds, but with my expanded social skills, although I miss the infants, I actually don’t feel awkward with that age group, and I even did story time once…the older kids are actually pretty awesome now too, although they are not my favorite…it is so sweet to have a bigger kiddo curl up in my lap…


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