No one laughs at God

(Laughing with–Regina Spekter)

Umm yeah…just my luck…perfect timing…of course it is a couple days after I left that I get the email that they are doing room checks in the next week or so…guess who is hoping they won’t look too close…because, umm, guess who hasn’t even thought about cleaning the air filter since probably October…maybe September…yes, I know it is supposed to be cleaned at least once a month…and speaking of cleaning, guess who vacuumed and mopped over Thanksgiving…and probably hasn’t cleaned since then because there were bigger fish to fry…umm yeah, and the piles of books and papers everywhere because “no one will be here while I am gone so if I want to put off picking up until after break I can”…at least I am pretty sure between studying at school a little more than usual last weekend and having my hair in ponytails a lot more often I think there is at least not a significant amount of hair on the floor…although the shower may be another story…and obviously the only time I remove all items from the windowsill and from under the sink is for room checks…and I am certainly not about to go back there to do that…so hopefully I am not in too much trouble when I get back for the 9 bottles of cleaner, huge pile of rags, box of gloves, box of mop pads, box of popcorn, bag of sponges, and various other items under my sink…and the detergent, iron, and whatever else is on my windowsill…hey, on the positive side, I remembered to turn on the heater when I left, and I am 97% sure I didn’t leave any clothes on the floor, and while I am unsure of the status of the battery in the smoke detector, I know there is one in there…

also, I am kind of kidding but kind of not kidding when I say that for Christmas I would really like to have at least one grade…yeah, I still do not have a grade for my summer rotation, nor do I have a grade for any of the classes that I took finals for last week…the grades won’t be much of a surprise for the most part, but I really would like to have one or two of them…

I am mostly unpacked as of yesterday afternoon (unless you count dumping out all my bags to find a shirt to put on in which case I was mostly unpacked as of yesterday morning…)…and I have no idea how ALL my clothes used to fit in my room when it now is a game to get just some of my clothes to fit…also, I am getting much better at packing,,,but still not completely satisfied with my clothing choices…I did a lot better than first year when I came home with four dress shirts–three red and one black–and decided to volunteer at the hospital almost everyday…and by the end of break felt like I needed a sign on my back that I really do own clothes that are not red…but somehow I ended up with only two short sleeved dress shirts, which would be fine, except that it is like 50 outside…but as of going back to school I will no longer need to bring jeans back and forth…although like t-shirts as of this fall, I probably still will and then wonder how on Earth all these clothes are supposed to fit in the dresser…but at least I didn’t come home with almost twenty pairs of pants only to go back to school having only worn maybe 5 or 6 of them…being prepared is one thing, but wasting my time packing and unpacking clothes over and over that I don’t need is kind of a different thing…


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