Your Power Your Peace Your Truth and Greatness

(Anything to be With You–Stephanie Pauline)

Oh my, this song just reminds me of intense emotion which is kind of what I wanted to write about here…

So excitement: I walked out of the P’col final thinking I could have gotten 100%…I didn’t…I actually got over 100%, and I didn’t even know that was possible! I walked out of the T1 final thinking oh no, I needed 81.81% (exactly) to keep my grade…but I knew I didn’t know the exact answer to a good number of the questions…word vomit is most likely what saved me on the free response, but the multiple choice part I didn’t think was going to get me there…but I got an 88%…and I will be the first to tell you that I did not prepare very appropriately for Med Chem and it showed when I was taking the exam (umm hello problem requiring a periodic table that I failed to print and bring to the exam…) but I still had retained enough information to get 90% on the exam (thank God…)…which means the only grades I am still waiting on are my mol bio grade (also wasn’t very well prepared…too much friend time and perhaps not enough studying) and my summer rotation grade…

And then intense frustration…I removed the name of the student for privacy reasons, but the teacher that this student is referring to is an excellent teacher who is willing to take extra time to work with students if they do not understand anything or have questions (I should know–I didn’t actually have him for lecture, but frequently went to his office hours to ask questions and check my work…and one day I attended his class and it made me wish I had taken his section of that class…and I might have taken his lab section in the spring, but I don’t really remember for sure on that detail…) but anyway, besides that, I know for certain he is on facebook, and even if he weren’t there are enough other faculty/staff on facebook that could easily show this teacher…I am horrified and offended at the way people talk about teachers on facebook with such disrespect…and this is just one tiny example of the invasive problem…we have admins from the school in (most) groups (I think it is the current fifth years but possibly it is the current sixth years decided that they didn’t want an admin from the school so their solution was to hide the group from the school and pretend it doesn’t exist–so umm, if you are from school, you didn’t hear that from me…but if you can’t see it then probably outsiders won’t see it either anyway…)…but the admins never really get involved in actually monitoring the page…they lay ground rules and never actually enforce or follow up on them and people know that so the rules mean nothing to people…so yeah…this is what frustrated me…this bothers me


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