Atlas Girl: Finding Home in the Last Place I Thought to Look (An Unconventional Book Review)

…so I came home with a pile of books that I wanted to either finish reading or both start and finish reading…but who am I kidding, my reading comprehension level is low enough that even if I’d started I needed to start over and read straight through faster to give myself at least half a chance of following the storyline…

but I thought it might be kind of fun to try to write a book review…first up: Emily Wierenga‘s Atlas Girl.atlas girl

Emily Wierenga is a pretty awesome person and talented writer. She blogs on (in)courage, on her own personal blog, and guest posts all over the place…

Atlas Girl was a really good book. To be honest, I struggled to understand what was going on, because I rocked at reading comprehension when that just meant being able to find the part of the story where they said what color boots the character was wearing, but when it started meaning more than that around middle school or so my reading comprehension level tanked and I don’t think I ever really caught up with my peers…it probably doesn’t really help that I used to read books a lot but then later in high school I transitioned to a combination of both books and the internet, and then I went to college where the only books I was reading for the most part were for school…but anyway, all that to say if I was struggling to understand but stuck with it and loved the book then it must be an incredible book. The book is written in that way where it goes back and forth from childhood to adulthood and back again over and over which I am not usually a fan of, but it worked pretty well.

The book is about choosing love, choosing healing, choosing restoration. It is about choosing to let go of your lifeline to reach out for something even more important and wonderful. It is about finding home, finding community, loving and letting others in to love you. It is about seeing the church as God meant it to be.

A repeating theme in the second-ish half of the book that was really awesome was SHMILY (not a typo). It stands for “See How Much I Love You.” The concept was basically write a note to someone that just says shmily and leave it for them so they see it and smile…because you love them enough to think of the and leave the note…that was kind of a cool idea…IDK if I’ll implement it seeing as how I am not sure I have anywhere to leave notes for most of the people who mean the world to me, but it is definitely one of those things that will be catalogued in my mind for someday…

This book touches on anorexia, cancer, and international missions…oh, and babies get born!! Speaking of babies, last week someone asked me if I was a preschool teacher and when I said no they said I should be…I thought about it, and while I think I would love it and be good at it, I don’t think that is for me. For one thing, that would leave me always missing out on my favorite part of child development (early infancy), and also it would be hard for me to let go, because I know not everyone’s kindergarten experience is like mine was (I came home one day and stated that I thought there’d be more kids in my class–as it turned out, unbeknownst to my parents, my teacher had been having me tested because she didn’t know what to do with me…the results were falsified by the person testing me because there was no reason I shouldn’t stay in my kindergarten class…and then one day I got really upset at home because my mom kept having me donate really cool things to the classroom for playtime and I never got to use it because my teacher took away my playtime for me to read books and write reports…which was awful, because I didn’t know how to pick books (and didn’t know about commas separating the sections of numbers) so I remember reading a book about Australia because I thought it was about kangaroos and it was so dumb because not only was it not about kangaroos, but they didn’t even know if the population was 0 (000) or 903…and I read a book of chemistry experiments and had to write about my favorite part, least favorite part, and about one of the characters–umm except are there even characters in this book??)…and while I can sort of maybe see myself possibly as a preschool teacher on the side, I think I would feel empty if that was all I did full time, because I am pretty sure I am intended to be a pharmacist…

So anyway, I got this book for free online, so I would definitely love to give it away or loan it to anyone who would like to read it or who knows anyone who would enjoy reading it…and if you know me in real life, you know that the book is pretty much in like new condition still 🙂 …and anyone who has seen my room at home knows I don’t need any more books on my shelf, and anyone who has seen my room at school knows it is sort of overflowing with all of my treasures, so don’t be shy if you would like to own this book or would like to give it to someone else to enjoy…


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