Love is the Evidence

(Evidence–Citizen Way)

Obviously I love my job…what else would I, given the option, agree to stay up late for…I’ll stay up late for Cru, but that’s pretty much the only other thing I’ll stay up for…besides that it seems dumb to stay up late to study since that would just mean being extra tired and useless the next day (I don’t thrive on lack of sleep), I definitely am not willing to stay up late to study (I suppose in an emergency I may do it…I guess…)…sometimes I kind of wish there were some way I could work a lot but have my hours be early morning rather than late night…daytime hours would also be good…

It was kind of disappointing yesterday that I didn’t check my phone until 12ish, because if I’d checked it sooner I could have had a full shift…instead I worked one minute short of a 7 hour shift…and had an evening shift instead of a midshift…but whatevs…I learned how to call for a copy and started practicing counseling…

Also there was a fire alarm yesterday. It is really really loud when you are standing directly underneath of it…so it was really awesome when it stopped going off…after about 15 minutes…

Also there was ice cream cake yesterday which was awesome 🙂

…but you know what I definitely do not love (besides staying up late)?…belts…somehow two days ago I decided I should wear a green belt because my pants were off white and my shirt was red and it made me think of Christmas…and by the time I got home my belt was already un-fastened because it hurt…and somehow I didn’t learn my lesson and wore the belt again yesterday because it was already on my pants…me no likey 🙂 …although some of my pants kinda need it…

…well it is now lunch packing time so I don’t starve…


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