Everyone is Known for Something What’s it Gonna be For You

(Only You– JJ Heller)

Oh my, this song is so amazing…

I think it helps explain why I adore my job so much. It is not just the amazing people I work with–I have amazing people to be around many places and also enjoy alone time. It is not just that this hospital is the best place for your worst case (i.e. one of the very best hospitals in the nation…we attract people from all over the country and world because of our high quality of care). Status doesn’t mean a lot to me–if it did I certainly would not have ended up at the school I am at. Sure, I am proud that my home state has the best test scores in the country, my school district has the highest scores in the state, and my high school is at the top of our district, but that doesn’t really mean much to me…you could have a state of the art school with the very best teachers, best building, best curriculum, best resources, best everything, but at the end of the day, we measure school success by how well the students are performing and if that school is filled with stupid unmotivated kids then the school will appear to be failing and we will deem their teaching methods and things as ineffective…  …and obviously my love of my job is not about the pay…if it were I certainly wouldn’t have worked nearly full time as a volunteer…and I wouldn’t work at school for free when I want to help people with things that I can’t get paid for…I just want to help out and have fun…one of my social media profiles states that my life goal is to make people happy, but even that is not fully why I love my job–there are also many moments in which I cannot please people in my job.

What I love is that even though I did not seek out hours in the inpatient pharmacy that word got out that I was in town and they sought me out for a few shifts. It is not my favorite working there since some of the people working there aren’t the greatest to work with and the shifts I get tend to be less convenient, but I still love it! The reason I love my job is that I am known. It is known that I am good at what I do. People see me walk in down there and are thrilled to see me. People I have seen only a couple times are excited to see me and look to me for answers. I don’t like being thought of as perfect, but I love being recognized for what I am capable of (and being asked to solve problems is pretty awesome since in upstairs pharmacy I am the one who has to rely on everyone else for problem solving).

I really like feeling known and accepted. In terms of feeling known there are a few things that stick out. I am known for succeeding academically most of the time. I have absolutely HATED that, especially in high school when regardless of what I was really thinking the only thing I ever got prayer for in Sunday school was school because the other girls would interject that before I got a chance to even try to say something for myself…and how I didn’t really have friends most of the time at school, except when a group project or partner exam was announced and working alone was not an option and suddenly everyone wanted to be my best friend (which may have also had something to do with the fact that I would do the entire project or test myself and then just put everyone’s name on the page and turn it in). I tried to hide it when I came to college–I left the shirt with my ACT score on it at home and tried to not talk about grades, but I was quickly found out…that didn’t make me feel known, because to me, good student was not a strong piece of my identity. I am also known for my bike. I LOVE my bike. It has suffered quite a bit of abuse, especially since I moved into my apartment and started leaving it outside in the courtyard 24/7, but the senior picture most people wanted was me and my bike…I also, seem to be known for being Christian…besides that I regularly go to church, am on leadership with Cru, volunteer at a counseling center funded by a church, and listen mainly to Christian music, I can tell I must be known for being Christian because I was invited to an introductory meeting for FCA on campus and I am most definitely not an athlete…I consider walking downstairs to get breakfast plenty of exercise for the day, and I haven’t actually been involved in sports since my freshman year of high school…and that was a pretty long time ago..

So yeah, if I were to choose what to be known for I am not sure exactly what it would be, but I adore this song…and my job…

“Are you the little girl who locks herself inside her room waiting to be rescued or are you the captain of a war that he began to prove his merit as a man? Everyone is known for something what’s it gonna be for you. Are you the picture of perfection but when it comes down to it you don’t have a clue or are you the center of attention at all times God help the man who takes away your chance to shine. Everyone is known for something what’s it gonna be for you. No one else can pay your portion with an unobstructed view. You’re the one who gets to choose how much of you you’ve gotta lose how much of you you get to gain. Who are you? Who are you? Everyone is known for something what’s it gonna be for you. No one else can pay your portion with an unobstructed view. Only you. Only you. What’s it gonna be?”

There are a few other things I could write about based on the lyrics of this song, but I am not stupid so I know that I would be in danger of saying something that could offend someone and therefore will elect not to write it…


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