live like there’s no tomorrow

First of all, please pardon any typos…I am trying to blog from my phone. Today I did one of those things that makes me think of what brother used to tell me… that I am the dumbest smart person he knows. So I figured since I was out with my at home best friend that I’d just drive straight to work and hang out there…I figured I’d recognize how to get there. Anyone who knows me very well knows that is a laughable proposition. For starters, I have only ever driven about 1 or 2 miles on 35w ever and that was not in the area I was driving today. I got lucky and there was an exit labeled hospital. I am very much aware that there is more than one hospital in the area, but I took the exit. And started making random turns… and soon recognized where I was as being where I was when I got lost on August 1st. I was fortunate to discover layer that where I was was actually when I was back on track towards the hospital…and plus what better time to check the gas log and realize you are living dangerously than when you are in an area that even if you knew where a had station was you aren’t sure it is a safe area to stop…although says the girl who has no problem walking outside alone at night…in a city not exactly known for its safety.

And of course changing clothes in the car is one thing, but changing into clothes that are frozen from sitting in a cold car adds a new dimension of challenge to the game…

Today will be a great day though. I love my friend. I love my job. I only pay about $0.30/hour to park at work which is also awesome because no guilt in how early I am pretty much always…

I am not stupid…I just didn’t think this one through all the way…and living totally in perfect safety leads to a boring life. This adrenaline junky needs a tiny bit of living on the edge (carefully and in limited, controlled, amounts).


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