Dad, Here’s What I Really Need From You (An Unconventional Book Review)

This one is a review of Michelle Watson‘s book Dad, Here’s What I Really Need From You.what I need book cover

So as you can see on the cover, one thing I really love is that the bigger print creates a second title: Dad, I Really Need You. I think that sums it up really well…what I need from you is not just material things but is you. It is connection…

So umm, clearly this book was not exactly written with me in mind…but I got the book from a women’s blog and there is a pretty girl on the cover and it is red so…yeah…but I figured even if it wasn’t directed so much at me that learning how to connect with people better would never be a bad thing.

This book was kind of a harder read for me…I think most of my problem was that the pages are really busy so instead of just straight text down a page there are little designs and accents all over the place. Perhaps for the audience it is intended for, men, that makes it an easier read, but for me it was really distracting so I had trouble focusing on what I was reading.

I love the idea that some people are Martians and others Venusians and to connect with each other you have to learn the other’s language, but if you know one Venusians language you know one Venusians language, because each Venusian has her own dialect…That sums up pretty well why learning to interact by rote memorization without any background understanding of the backbone of the conversational model is not ultimately a successful learning tool…Just because I can parrot back the words I’ve learned doesn’t mean I have any idea why I am saying them…

I feel like there were a lot of little things in the book that I loved, but don’t really remember anymore…but one thing I do remember is the concept of type A trauma and type B trauma. Type B trauma is bad things happening. That is things like sexual abuse or other tangible wounding. Type A trauma is the absence of good things. It is a little less obvious and harder to describe beyond that it is voids, broken promises, lack of investment. I think looking in on someone’s life it is much easier to point out Type B trauma and acknowledge that life has been hard, but it is much easier to brush off Type A trauma as just an overreaction and not really a big deal…so I love that it is still labeled trauma, because I feel like that validates the pain from that kind of hurt.

The very first thing I picked out of this book as something to make sure that I remembered was to add “I was wondering” in front of questions…then I realized that I kind of already do that a lot and had been trying to stop doing it because I thought it sounded immature…but I guess it is okay to keep saying that 🙂 …

One thing that made me mad as I was reading was finding out what a particular name meant. It meant “who is like God” or “Godly woman.” I was upset because one of the people I know with that name is someone who definitely does not meet that definition and I didn’t *want* it to mean that…luckily later that same day I met someone by that name who was an amazing person…and within a day or so that person might have been wishing she hadn’t been so friendly because I attached myself to her and constantly asked questions…the “perk” to being someone that I feel really good with is that I might start asking an excessive number of questions…I trained myself in downstairs pharmacy, so clearly I am perfectly capable of figuring things out through trial and error myself, but sometimes it is easier to just let someone else do things for me…

I am pretty sure as I was reading there were a lot more things that I thought I definitely was going to write about here, but I can’t remember what they might have been anymore…so you’ll just have to read the book if you want to find out…like with my other book review, let me know if you’d like the book…but just a warning that this book is not exactly in like-new condition anymore…but I’d still be happy to share.


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