The day I was thankful to have kicked myself in the face.

No, this is not a song lyric. Yes, I did kick myself in the face, and yes I am thankful for it.

Haha yeah…so like four years ago I was skiing and I decided to ski backwards—not a big deal, I had done it plenty of times before and always turned around in time to not run into people at the bottom of the hill…well, except this time girlyQ was not very smart and started pretty close to the lift. As you may have expected with that lead up, I ran into the lift while skiing backwards. Surprisingly to me, that did not hurt. They must know people are uncoordinated and/or stupid and they pad those things really well. Unfortunately, upon running into it I fell down, and let me tell you, getting up and turned around, especially when somehow you are now sitting criss-cross-applesauce with your skis still on is rather challenging…and that is when I kicked my face with my skis and started bleeding…

So back to today, I was driving and decided I needed to stop soon to fill and empty…and I was in a state which I have repeatedly noticed has very few gas stations…so I figured I couldn’t be picky and try to wait for a big town and got off at the first exit I came to…umm, not promising. The sign was broken, but the lights were on and someone was inside so I assumed it would be fine. But then. Problem. I got stuck in snow between the entrance and the gas pump…not fun…I tried backing out, I tried pressing the gas harder, but I was very much stuck and not going anywhere…so I thought for a second about what to do and figured I had three choices…

  1. Pout and call my daddy.
  2. Go inside and get angry.
  3. Be a responsible driver and start shoveling and praying.

Well, number one was out because it wasn’t going to solve the problem. Pouting wasn’t going to get me unstuck, nor was it going to get me where I was going, because, let’s face it, my dad was probably not going to drive almost 200 miles to rescue me, and was probably only going to tell me something along the lines of get yourself unstuck which is what I already knew needed to happen…

Number two was similarly out, because it is not the gas station attendant’s fault that I am an idiot and don’t know the limitations of my car. Yes, I do expect gas stations parking lots to be safe, but it is not his fault that I assumed my expectation was reality…yes, the first time I ever drove on my permit was in a snow storm (my mom had some things to say to my dad about that) and I have driven in a blizzard that dropped multiple feet of snow, but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea to regularly attempt going through deep snow…and ultimately getting angry isn’t going to help me, nor is it polite to the other guy.

So that left number three…oh, and obviously since I was in this state because I was moving yet again, my trunk was full of stuff, and the shovel was conveniently in the back, because why would I need access to that? So I got the shovel, started using it, and thought I did a pretty good job and got back in the car (lets just ignore the part where I am frustrated and not paying a lot of attention to what I am doing and put wet shovel on top of opened laptop…). Umm, yeah, still very much stuck. So I try to put my gloves on (thank God I had the good sense to at least put my hood up and zip up my coat before I got out the first time) and after a couple attempts get them on correctly and start shoveling again, and the gas station attendant comes out to help me. We both shovel more and eventually he tells me to get in and try to back out…and this is where I know I am in trouble because I cannot tell what my fingers and hands are doing by feel and can only do it visually because I am so cold…but I get the key in the hole and I press the gas down all the way and go…nowhere….still stuck…he pushes and I continue trying to move, and eventually I manage to get unstuck and go around. I opt to go inside to warm up before putting gas in the car.

I get inside and another bad sign…at first it doesn’t really hurt…and then it does…I go rinse warm water over my hands in the bathroom (well, it could have been cold water, I don’t really know because I didn’t care to test it, but to my hands it felt hot…) and it hurts so badly…and I also discover there is no soap in the bathroom…great, so I’ve touched a gas station bathroom and have no soap…I decide I am done with the water, and go back out of the bathroom to continue letting my hands warm up…and this is where the thankfulness about kicking myself in the face comes in. Because of the cold, and probably also a little bit the water, one of my hands has started bleeding. When I kicked myself in the face it started bleeding and I had to get bandaids and they gave me two extras in case I needed them. The colorful one I dropped and lost that day because it is hard to hold things while wearing mittens, but the boring bandaid managed to get to my pocket and has stayed there since then…which is good because the only other bandaids in my car were in my lunch box which was somewhere on the bottom of a bag in my trunk…

So yeah, the gas there was kind of expensive, but I didn’t exactly have another choice, especially after all the gas used trying to get unstuck, so I froze again putting gas in my car…and went inside again because just my luck, the receipt didn’t print…

…and that is how I ended up arriving at my apartment with hands so dry that it hurts to put on lotion, and my hands will break out with whatever lotion I use…and I am really hoping that I can heal that by tomorrow afternoon which will probably be today by the time this is posted since the internet is not working in the lobby of my apartment right now, and I don’t really want to drive back to school right now for the internet…although I probably should since the vast majority of my to do list right now requires the internet…also, have I ever mentioned that it is days like today that I greatly regret living on the top floor of my building? I don’t know why I bothered getting my wiggles out at school when I was just going to end up walking up and down the stairs and up and down the street over and over anyway…well, actually, yes I do, I did that because I had way too much energy to successfully go grocery shopping, and had a wide open space to run around…although considering I had a carton of milk in the car that had been there all day and therefore was definitely going to be losing it’s cold more and more the longer I dilly-dallied I probably should have hurried up instead of going looking for people to talk to (although luckily/unluckily most people were not in their offices to be talked to anyway…)…and now I should probably stop writing because I am pretty sure I am just rambling at this point…YAY the internet just came back!!…although I also am exhausted and want to sleep…I saw a police car with its lights on today too and couldn’t figure out what I could have possibly been doing wrong…turns out it wasn’t me they wanted…yeah, my view of the police on the roads is mostly as out to get me…but I’ve only ever been pulled over once. It was a year ago, and it was terrifying, but even with my marginal social skills and he germ issues, I made it out of that just fine…(and with no ticket…just a warning to pay attention to my surroundings or next time it would be a ticket…)

…I feel like I should also add that after touching pretty much everything in my car I remembered that I had hand sanitizer in my bag and used it…


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