Never Enough Glitter

(Pinterest Parody–WhatsUpMoms)

I had a LOT of positive experience today, but there is never enough glitter to completely cover the negative, and there is one thing I am really passionate about that I feel I need to share…

Can we PLEASE stop victim-blaming? Like the video I posted to facebook yesterday, just because something negative happens doesn’t mean that the person was necessarily “asking for it” or even did ANYTHING wrong to cause it to happen. I am not saying that there aren’t negative things that happen because of something someone did to make it more possible, but that is NOT always the case.

I came into college determined to not let anyone find out I had been labeled as a “smart kid” in high school. I HATED being labeled that way and I did not want to repeat that experience. I don’t want to go into it right now how hurtful that label was and all the reasons I was determined to not let anyone know in college, but suffice it to say, there was no part of me that wanted that label whatsoever. I did not go so far as to jeopardize or intentionally sabotage my own grades, but my hatred for that label was so intense that my parents were worried that I would end up failing out of school in an effort to not continue carrying that label.

All that to say, it was not anything that I did that caused people to label me that way again in college. I am kind of ashamed to admit this, and I still do feel a little guilty about it, but as a first year I stretched the truth frequently in an attempt to hide and protect myself. In talking to any other student my 99% was an “oh, I passed, but I have room for improvement” or “yeah, I got a bit above 80%” While technically true, those statements were intended to protect me from re-labeling, but it didn’t work. I was quickly re-labeled as the “smart kid.” I did not get excited and tell everyone I had an A. I did not even tell my lab partner or my roommates. Only my teachers knew what my grades were. Looking at that, I do NOT think it was my fault that I got that label and the resulting stigma and isolation. It doesn’t make me feel better about my situation for you to tell me that it was my fault when from as far as I can see I did nothing wrong. It didn’t “leak out.” There are some people for whom that is the case that telling one person led to everyone knowing, but that was not what happened for me.

Okay, I’ll step off my soap box now…also I think stepping on a soap box is a dumb analogy…but no one asked my opinion…

completely unrelated thought, but I was also thinking about how technology has changed communication not just in school but in real life pharmacy practice, and things that I just accept as the way things are is so completely different from how things probably were 20 years ago…I am fairly certain that 20 years ago there wasn’t an intrapharmacy instant messaging system that pharmacists could use to communicate with eachother whether about meds for a specific patient (intended use) or about weekend plans (some actual use) between the PICU pharmacist and the central pharmacists or between the ED pharmacist and the 7th floor pharmacist…and while cisco phones might have been around to talk to eachother, smartphones hadn’t even been invented yet to text/email each other or to quickly look up dosing and indications of a med…K yeah going back to studying now…


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