God I Trust You

(Waters Rise — Mikeschair)

…sometimes that’s all I can say when I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet and it already seems that things are going very wrong…

…so yeah…I intended to go to bed early last night because I was practically falling asleep on top of my computer anyway so I really wasn’t studying, and I was tired enough that I wasn’t even really interested in putting food in my mouth so clearly there was a problem, because me and food are like “Minnie and Mickey Tarzan and Jane Romeo and Juliet Top Hat and Cane Bacon and Eggs Fried Rice and Ice Cream” (We make a great team)…except I wanted to write something down real quick so my computer was on my bed…and I didn’t *want* to get off the bed to put away the computer (and I know better than to sleep with my computer on my bed–chances are it would find its way to the floor)…so by the time I actually got up to put away the computer and turn off the lights it was usual bedtime…whatevs…

…except around 11 I was thirsty…which isn’t unusual and isn’t a big deal and is something I plan for by always having a water bottle on my bed, except I finished the water bottle and instead of being tired again I was not tired…so it was going to be a long night…especially when I was thirsty again at 1:21 and the water bottle was empty and I make it a rule that once I am in bed for the night I do not get up again unless there is a really good reason such as a danger of wetting the bed if I don’t get up…but I was determined to be very patient and not stare at the clock…which I did such a good job of that the next time I looked at the clock I discovered that the alarm didn’t go off…and it was now about 7am…and I said “God I trust you” and started getting ready to walk out the door as fast as possible…which meant put on glasses then grab water bottle and phone and jump off the bed, get water in water bottle while throwing food into lunchbox, then changing clothes and combing my hair enough to get it into a ponytail…yeah it might be TMI that I skipped a shower, but according to the weather forecast last night it was pretty likely that I was going to be spending at least a half hour scraping ice off  my car which meant a shower was going to have to be cold because I didn’t have 20 minutes to wait for it to warm up…but I did laundry yesterday and I didn’t smell bad so I figured it could wait until after school…

I got lucky and there was no scraping to be done, not because I am lazy and will just not do it if I can at least kind of see where I am going but because there just wasn’t ice…but I got unlucky and all the good spots in the parking garage were taken and someone took the table I wanted in the res hall and the moodle turn in wasn’t working for my assignment…and then I got an email about something that I was hoping wouldn’t be something I had to deal with for a few more weeks and basically it is seeming that everything that can go wrong today will…but at least I showed up on time to my first class even if the material went way over my head…and patience is a virtue…that I can’t seem to always apply appropriately…but there’s one thing I know about life: it goes on…(although sometimes it doesn’t…a week ago I saw a blog post and it was such a cute story…until I realized that it was the real life story of the kid who ran away from home and died of hypothermia a month or so ago and suddenly that death was really real…death just feels really…umm…in your face…I don’t like it…except for bugs, I am quite content to kill those things!! They deserve to die and be sad but actually I don’t know that bugs have a developed enough nervous system to actually have any feelings…so that makes it even more justifiable to kill them and destroy their lives…(wow…that kinda makes me seem like a heartless killer…but I promise it is really only bugs that I want dead…I care a LOT about people lives)


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