These are a Few of My Favorite Things


1. ark - Word

Witnessing them…doing them…whatever…it’s awesome…and it makes me happy

2. having friends

Probably kind of self-explanatory…having friends pretty much makes my life…I’m a people pleaser, but I’m also a people person…just I am quite content to sit quietly with my friends even without getting to talk to them…although talking to friends is important too, and sometimes my heart feels like it is going to explode if I am supposed to be being quiet (for example, sitting in church) and I REALLY want to talk to someone right NOW…(but it’s gonna have to explode, because there are some times that you need to keep your mouth shut)

3. skittles

Skittles…enough said, because I mean there was a time in my life that I might have gotten a similar number of calories in the day from skittles as from real food…but really just anything going into my mouth…I may be guilty as charged of using medication for sugar when I run out of candy because *somebody* (me) didn’t do a good job packing her backpack…but I only do that with Tums so the worst it could probably do is induce an anemia, and chances are all it will do is keep me from getting osteoporosis, because I am a girl which I am pretty sure is a risk factor for osteoporosis…and besides, I only do it when I really really need something and it seems like the only option…’cause I’m not stupid, so I know that is not a good practice to get into…so it probably only happens once every couple months or so… (Yeah, I know, this one is kind of messy…I didn’t really feel like coloring in that many lines but I couldn’t find a rainbow picture that only had like 3 stripes and I am not good at drawing rainbows…)


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