You will smile so deep I can’t help but do the same :)

(I will–Stephanie Pauline)

So this is going to be a really quick post simply copied directly from my list of topics and pasted here, because I want to actually write about them, but I really really don’t have time for that because my grades this semester are already not so great, and I have a quiz and exam I not fully ready for yet this morning…and I’m speaking to the third year class today and haven’t thought yet much beyond “Hey, I’m [name]”

Y’all, I care about people even in my sleep…I have read that everyone dreams every night but not everyone actually remembers their dreams…well for me, most of the time I don’t remember having any dreams, but occasionally I have dreams that I remember extremely vividly, and I sometimes can even go back and change things because I am partially awake as I am dreaming…so the night between Monday and Tuesday I had a really vivid dream—this was one that I couldn’t change as I went, but oh my, I could have even told you the street names I was walking along in this dream if you’d asked me Tuesday morning. Anyway, you know you are a pharmacy student when you are freaking out in your dream because albuterol only lasts for about 3-4 hours…I guess I probably need to back up a little bit for that to make sense…

So you probably don’t care about the whole set up of the entire dream, but long story short, some random guy was at a park while I was exploring the park with someone and inside a backpack we left on a bench was a bottle with 100 blood pressure tablets. I heard the guy find the tablets and knew he was going to try to kill himself by taking all of them and I rushed over to him as fast as I could but by the time I got there he had just finished swallowing them (surprising the tablets looked like Mylan brand glipizide from the tan bottle, but my dreams have elements of reality and elements of fantasy mixed together)…There was also a Ventolin (albuterol) inhaler in the backpack and I took it out and asked him to use it and he took it from me and destroyed it. I was kind of freaking out but then I remembered that I had an inhaler in my pocket. By now he was getting kind of drowsy so I just forced it up to his face and made him use all the puffs that were left except for one that I needed (I don’t need them in real life, but apparently in my dream the stress from this situation induced bronchospasm). He was doing okay then and ran away from us and I figured it was fine, but ten minutes or so later I started freaking out because I remembered that albuterol only has a duration of about 3-4 hours, and not only that, but if he had reacted so quickly, how much more would he react by the time the blood pressure medication peaked…oh, why hadn’t I tried harder to get him to vomit up the medication? I reasoned that the best I could do was get to the emergency room as quickly as possible and beg them to find him…yeah…Apparently I care about random strangers in the park even in my sleep…(and if you were wondering, glipizide is an antidiabetic drug, and Ventolin is a short-acting beta agonist. The beta agonist would stimulate the beta receptors on the heart to increase cardiac output which would in turn help to maintain blood pressure…)

In related news, Tuesday morning I was very lucky to pick up my phone first thing in the morning…and find out that the extra alarm I had turned on was set to 4:20am instead of 5…I would have been an even less happy camper if I had gotten all the way up and showered before realizing what time it was, because especially when my world is falling apart it is kind of important to get whatever sleep I can get….and the alarm clock that I like seems to have completely hit the dust…sounds like a good excuse to me to start consistently charging my old phone 🙂

Teaching biology (or any other course) in church or the car…it’s just what I do…I love helping people so if that means trying to teach biology while driving or while sitting in church then I am totally down with that.

I used to do really well with rewards and punishments systems…and if I did something really awesome I thought about what I wanted to reward myself with…that structure is still in place…but isn’t quite so effective since on top of that I now see a really awesome reward that I want and think of some kind of good thing I did at some point to earn it…so today I am having a half quart of koolaid because I re-organized my candy drawer so that the iddy biddy santas wouldn’t be in the way of getting jolly ranchers and starburst…


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