You’re The Coolest Person


I think I am pretty awesome…however, I also know myself pretty well…however sometimes I am so sure that I am awesome that I forget key details…like the fact that I am the one who has lived in the exact same apartment since the beginning of third year and last semester still once or twice managed to get lost between school and home…which considering the fact that it is less than 2 miles is kind of impressive…I am geographically challenged, and I should know it, but occasionally…like yesterday…I decide I don’t need no stinkin’ directions…haha yeah…I should have known better.

I had driven home from there three times somewhat successfully…WITH directions…so I’m not quite sure where the cocky I totally got this came from…but with this lead up you probably have guessed that I didn’t have it…I tried really hard and realized I was heading the opposite direction I needed to be going…and had no idea where I was…and took random turns until I found a sign that said [city name] and followed it…and I became that jerk driving way under the speed limit on the freeway and changing lanes last minute because I didn’t even know how I ended up on the freeway and was kinda nervous because once you are on a freeway you are suddenly in a tangle of roads going everywhere fast and can quickly end up even more lost than you already are and don’t even have the benefit of turning around and going back the way you came…and Carmen, my daddy’s GPS, was safely in my apartment where she wouldn’t accidentally get used…thank God I ended up at a sign splitting east and west and remembered at the last minute that west is what I choose until I get to 35 in which case I want east when I am heading away from school, and therefore it must be east that I want to get my butt to school…but I made it…and you know that you were slightly freaking out when someone gets in your car and as you’re turning the key you have that moment of realization of oh my…the music is on as loud as it goes…oopsy clovers…

I could blame the lack of at least having the directions out as back up on not wanting to take the envelope with my APA log on information that has my directions scribbled on the back because the last set of directions got peanut butter ramen spilled on them out of my backpack to prevent triggering myself since it is ever so slightly linked to a certain person, but considering that the entire reason I was needing to figure out how to get myself back to school was this particular person, that would be a pretty see-through excuse…and to be honest, I just got a little ahead of myself and wanted to believe that I could do it…and I found out that I couldn’t…and next time I will get out the directions…but I did eventually get where I was going and it didn’t really take more than a couple minutes extra…

But I still think I am awesome…I just know now to remember that this awesomeness does not in any way stretch into an ability to navigate…

I am also awesome because last semester I somehow managed to forget to put up my parking permit…or lock my car door…or roll up the window…or even to close the door…and it got bad enough that I had to institute a mandatory check of the door, window, and parking permit before leaving the car…and I stopped doing that over break, mostly because parking in a garage makes it less of a problem if I did forget things, and I figured I probably was absent-minded because of all the stuff going on at school anyway…and I didn’t go back to checking when I came back to school, and so far I haven’t come back to an open/unlocked car or a parking ticket…I am pretty proud of myself about that 🙂

Also, if you were wondering, it is not a good idea to mix cut up fruit, peas, and vanilla milk…well, so I read about how to make homemade baby food and while I am not a baby, some flavors of baby food look really good so I thought I try it…well, I don’t have a steamer so I substituted microwaving the fruit and peas…and I don’t have a blender or a food processer so I substituted a mixer…and well, let’s just say that all I succeeded in doing was spraying peas all over my kitchen…so I thought about how in a blender you can put more liquid in to make it mix better so I poured some milk into my concoction…which really only succeeded in creating a bigger mess…that is not going to create the cute little baby food cubes that the pictures online displayed…I almost took a picture of the ice tray (that I really hope had a little water in the bottom and not a little 409 spray left over from last fall when it seemed hopelessly contaminated and I tried over and over to no avail to make it seem clean enough to use and ultimately just went without ice for the rest of the semester and by the time I came back this fall I was used to not having ice in my apartment and kinda forgot I even had ice trays…) to create a “nailed it” picture for pinterest. I promise I am not as stupid as some of my ideas…I think this excessive substitution is why it is probably a good thing that I am not a DIY-er.

Also, I might have shared this before, but I found it on my computer a few days ago, and I ❤ it…I was made to more than just survive.survive


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