Would not Jesus Safely Keep Little Ones He Loves Asleep?

(Even the Darkness is Light To Him–Michael Card)

Oh my…yesterday day was great, but a night in the life…oh my…it was one of those nights that makes me understand what my mom meant when she said when we (my brothers and I) were babies she wondered some nights if God really loved our family because she didn’t get to sleep through the night with three kids waking up…last night would have been a good night to just sleep and not have to wake up again…

Let’s see…log in to facebook to ask if anyone in my group has started a case google doc…discover that my group has gone from passive aggressive to just plain not nice…decide I hate T2 and close up all my notes and decide I am staring at the wall for the next 20 minutes…start to take care of the coffee/tea station, and somehow manage to knock the whole thing over and [name] watched it happen and helped clean up but then told me she lost her planner that had all her money for the night in it…

Try to wait for [name] but realize it is getting late and there is only one apple in my fridge so I kinda need to get to the store to buy some more…argue with myself about if I really can’t just eat peas twice  instead of eating apples and eventually get butt to car and car to store…wonder why prices have gone up significantly while quality has gone down and debate if I really want apples…at which point I determine that I am way too tired to make a decision and have no idea what I want and just need to grab a bag and go checkout so I can go home.

Go home and drive up and down the streets a few times before discovering that the nearest legal car sized opening is over by the gym a few blocks away…park and walk down the alley because it is probably closer than going around to the street…have a LOT of fun as I realize that the lights are motion activated and until I realize playing outside in the dark in a place where cars drive is not a good plan think how much fun it would be to throw a tennis ball and then use which lights are on to find it…and then see a car coming and get to the side…and I got to the gate right next to the stairs to the fire escape of my building and the car stopped right next to me and pulled up just off of the road which felt too close to me and a little bit creepy…so I unlock that gate as fast as I can praying that it is not stuck and will open the first time I put in the code…and it does and I get really lucky when I kick it and it actually locks behind me…go up the fire escape and get a little worried when the car is still right there and I am struggling to make my key fit into the lock…finally get it and get inside and go to bed…

…and realize five minutes later that my water bottle is still in my back pack but I am too tired to care…start trying to sleep and around 11:30 realize I am at a 10/10 on the pain scale but can’t move…at 12:30 realize how good 9/10 which is still excruciating pain feels in comparison and get up to find my water bottle and ibuprofen…go back to bed and sleep…and dream that my bike and my car are both stolen…wake up trying to figure out how to make everything work without transportation before realizing that as far as I know I do still have a car and bike…get up/ready for the day…mop the floor with kitchen cleaner and clorox wipes (because what else do you use when you are still kinda sleep deprived…obviously not anything intended for the floor…duh…)…walk to car…drive to school…open computer…discover that overnight your case facebook group has kind of exploded and now people are not just being unkind but are taking it a step up and tagging you in their comment…scream at the computer: I am a REAL person with REAL feelings…grow up and realize that you don’t get a choice in who your group members are and you have to figure out how to make it work…especially since your group members get to determine a pretty significant portion of your grade which is REALLY stupid…I cannot wait for this semester to be over…don’t I have enough to deal with without adding on a group like this?…

but positive: cute notes on the wall and they are mostly mine and my friend’s…that made me smile 🙂 and today is a fresh chance for greatness…

Similar to what one of my coworkers used to say after dealing with someone difficult, “I love my life I love my life I love my life”


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