These Curious Joys

(When Jesus Was a Boy–Michael Card)


This is a flower sitting in a cup on the table in my apartment…it brings me joy every time I see it because it is a reminder that there are really great people in the world, and because it is a sign that spring is coming…


Ignore my therapeutics notes in the background. Therapeutics is not currently a joyful topic…but this lotion is so good…For one thing, it is red, which is my favorite 🙂 ,for the other thing, it actually works pretty well…for like about half an hour or more after using it my hands will still feel wet, which is a good thing, especially because it is not a sticky greasy feeling like the cream I tried this summer that had a primary ingredient of dimethicone (protectant) and felt so sticky greasy that I had to get it all off within about two minutes…and this lotion has sunscreen in it and smells good…Still not as good as the cream with a caterpillar on the container I had a few years ago that was “for eczema itches and bothered skin,” but still this is a really good lotion.


This is me and my friend spreading kindness…I love spending time with my friends, and I love making people happy, so this was one of the highlights to my week…also I will admit that by the end of the day I had used up all the blue and yellow paper because my friend and I were writing notes and I may have gotten a bit carried away and had a lot more fun note-writing than I did learning…also, I love that the TV in the background says “He was the best friend kind of brother”…I’d say that my friend is the sister kind of best friend…I don’t have any sisters, but she is how I imagine a sister would be…I will say I prefer the blue compliment posters that I printed hundreds of to hang on my locker in high school to the pink ones on the table, and that I don’t like the trifold brochures on the table, but that wasn’t a big enough problem to detract from my enjoyment of hanging out with my friend spreading kindness together (and then alone when she had to leave…)…


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