Do unto others as you’d have them do to you. Who me? Yes, you!

(Fair Play–Truthworks (musical) )

I think it is really important that it is do unto others as you’d have them do to you…not do unto others as they do unto you…

I got a lesson with that this morning…after a night of listening to people be ridiculously loud during quiet hours, I somehow managed to slide down the ladder. I don’t really know what happened. I just know I was at the top of the ladder…and suddenly I was at the bottom of the ladder…and I must have hit the kitchen counter on the way down because my dish bin landed upside down in the sink…and it hurt–I managed to cut my armpit…yeah, I am really talented at getting myself in situations like that…it’s not really a gift that I appreciate…and I wanted to scream and yell at myself and the ladder and you know, all the things you do when you live alone and need to express yourself…but it is quiet hours…so I had to settle for whimpering and pouting, because in all honesty, continuing to lay on the floor feeling sorry for myself was not going to get the water warmed up for a shower nor was it going to get my backpack packed…but you know what hurts with a cut on your armpit? Pretty much everything. Water…wearing clothes…putting on deodorant…and oh my, it was all I could do to not shriek at the way wearing deodorant started to sting…I was smart enough to not attempt microwaving the deodorant to keep from having to rub it on, but on second thought, perhaps just substituting body spray this morning might have been a good choice…

It reminded me of another song too…(Joyful Heart–Steve Green) “If you were a doctor and you had a patient with a bad case of a broken spirit what would you do? You couldn’t put a cast on it like you would a broken arm, no pills can cure it, and you can’t see it to guess where it hurts, but a broken spirit does hurt, inside and out.” You can’t exactly put a band-aid on an armpit…I am still the internal 2-year-old that wants a Band-Aid to validate the pain…but I am wise enough to know that a Band-Aid wouldn’t stick and you do NOT want to use packing tape on your skin to make things stick that otherwise wouldn’t…not that I have any personal experience with that…oh wait…except for a few times in high school when I used packing tape to keep my bra straps from showing…ouch…it is really itchy at the edges and everywhere it crinkled there was a bright red mark on my skin…it was such a relief to take it off, and yes that was a “few” times…as in it took me more than once to learn my lesson…I wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb on the tree in high school…

Speaking of not being the brightest, on Saturday I waited about 25 minutes for my email to load, because “it is way faster to check my email on my computer really quick than to try to log in on my phone later”…umm, yeah…I can definitely check faster than that on my phone…if there were anything important I’d probably have wanted to get it open on my computer, but waiting to get it going on my computer is not exactly a productive use of my time…also, I am rather talented at packing up to go get some internet, sitting down to do stuff but forgetting why I needed the internet, and packing up to go back home only to realize once I walk in the door what I needed the internet for in the first place…I’m planning on making a to do list for that in the future…although it might become a doodle pad…I told myself no doodling yesterday because I realized that I had a test coming up that I had not put in my calendar and therefore was very much not prepared for in a couple weeks from now…I suppose technically I followed the rule…but since this is the bottom of my list of things to be done, I really only followed the word of the rule and not the spirit of the rule…20150222_155933


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