Baby It’s Cold Outside

(That one movie where the guy screams “You sit on a throne of lies” and everyone screams)

I was gonna wait until either it was warm or until spring break to take out my trash…there was a small problem with that plan…


The pizza box from a week or two ago didn’t smell at all, but the one I brought home today did kinda smell like pizza…which wasn’t probably going to be pleasant later…like January 2014 when I just couldn’t take out my trash (Thank you OCD) and instead worked on convincing myself that the smell of a rancid box of saltines is the smell of home sweet home. (By the way, if you were wondering, crackers bought prior to first year should be opened and consumed well before January of third year…I opened that box for the first time to pack my lunch that day and it smelled a little weird which I attributed to the ice brick that exploded on the box prior to first year, but it was a good thing that it was a very stressful day that made me not very interested in eating, because they definitely were no longer consumable…and it didn’t occur to me to seal them up before throwing the box in my garbage when I got home that night)…

Also, Cheerios are my favorite, but they are more expensive than pretty much any other cereal so I’ve been alternating with frosted flakes…but it is a shame that Sams Club stopped selling malt-o-meal brand frosted flakes, because those are WAY better than Kelloggs brand frosted flakes…but like my mom tells me a lot, you have to buy what they actually sell, not what you wish they sold or what you think they should be selling…but cereal and ramen boxes are great for collecting bags of trash to make it easier to carry them (and not need to worry about bags ripping on the way down the hallway or something…)


Doesn’t everyone need to take a selfie before taking out the trash? I would have selfied in front of the dumpster, but it was dark outside, it was cold outside, and I had no reason to carry my phone outside with me otherwise…Also, I originally had a picture bundled up of my face hiding within all my warm clothes, but then I remembered that I don’t post pictures of faces and I try not to post things that identify my location and I was wearing my keys around my neck and the name of my school was very visible…it wasn’t too bad editing the name of my school off of the tablecloth in the picture I posted a couple weeks ago, but editing it off of a lanyard was going to be significantly more difficult…and therapeutics isn’t studying itself…

Gloved hands…(well hand, the other hand was somewhat necessary for holding the phone to take the picture)…the glove isn’t actually for germs—in this case it was for warmth…although speaking of germs, I didn’t wash my hands after coming in from taking out the trash, and I think I prob should have…oops…’cause it is still very much habit that as soon as the trash is in the dumpster the gloves get turned halfway inside out, but without germ fears it is easier to just take them completely off once they are halfway off to punch the codes into the gate to get back out of the alley…on the same keypad everyone else uses immediately after touching the dumpster which is obviously not going to be overly clean…oops…at least one habit I have managed to hold onto is washing my hands before brushing my teeth and going to bed…’cause you never know what my hands are going to do while I sleep…

Also that picture (on my wall) I love so much…it was originally an advertisement for Amnion…I think I’ve had it since my junior year of high school (not 100% sure on that) and I laminated it 2nd year because it was starting to get to that point where I knew it was going to be time to throw it away soon if I didn’t do something and I didn’t want to throw it away…I mean it is a good phrase “Life is Beautiful,” and who wouldn’t want adorable baby toes on their walls?

Side note…my old head phones completely stopped working on this week (which was really bad for allowing me to get anything done…) so now I have a different pair and they are so much louder it is almost like being at a concert except that my body isn’t vibrating like if I were leaning against a speaker at a concert…I am in seventh heaven…I have one volume, and it is loud…


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