I’m Learning!!

(Planes, Phones, Microwaves–Go Fish)

I learn all sorts of things everyday…not necessarily the things I intended to learn…but things…sometimes important things…

So…things to not do:

  • Don’t use your bare hands to wipe snow off the car…COLD…WET…COLD…especially when you have both a brush and a scraper in your car, there is really no purpose in using your hands
  • Don’t try to make a smiley face in the snow on the back window of your car…unlike dirt, snow moves…and you very quickly have neither a smiley face nor any openings to see through…it’s the thought that counts…right?
  • Don’t go looking for the chocolate chip you dropped while eating a cookie and driving…the first brown thing I picked up was not a chocolate chip…but don’t worry…I didn’t have to wait for the third time for the charm…the second brown thing I found was my chocolate chip 🙂

KThxBai… ❤ Wiggle Worm


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