Little Hands When You Get Tired I Will Help You Through

(Big World, Baby–JJ Heller)

Flexibility is the life blood to survival in a world that does not revolve around me…random examples…

I paid attention to time so I could leave on time to get to KH at the time I wanted to get there…and there was an insane amount of traffic…so while I sat in traffic I read the users manual and attempted to change the time on the clock in my car…which was NOT doing what I wanted to, but by the time I actually arrived I had finally gotten it to the correct time (plus a couple minutes…I like it a couple minutes fast so even if I feel like I am late I have a couple extra minutes…I am more comfortable as a chronically early person…as it turned out, I still arrived in time to talk to people…which is important to me 🙂

Tomorrow last year security told me I wasn’t on the list of people who could study where I was studying so I needed to move (another instance of girlyQ feeling that security is here to hurt her rather than protect her)…so I found somewhere else to study…and was kinda freaked when another security guard approached me…like seriously?!…but that one was really nice and said she thought I should email (name removed) so my ID would work on the res hall because I’d probably rather study there…I didn’t actually do it though, because my problem wasn’t exactly getting in: it was being told to leave AFTER I got in…and I didn’t know how to get on the list…not that that stopped me from getting frost bite Monday morning assuming that was only a weekend list…and then being emailed with rules that I was following and then being told I wasn’t following those rules when I totally was…and then I was furious and my break pretty much went downhill from there (albeit due to completely separate circumstances…girlyQ adapted to isolation, but girlyQ did not adapt to being considered a failure later that day…)…which is why almost no matter what happens over spring break it will be worlds better than last spring break…

I had a paper I needed help to get turned in…so I started talking to someone and was basically just saying word so fast that she had no idea what I was actually saying and then ended with could you slip this under her door please…and she just left to do it probably glad that I’d shut up…haha…I often can figure out how to get what I need…if that plan hadn’t worked my next plan was to make a paper airplane clearly labeled with who it was for, and that would be kind of an unprofessional way to turn in forms…and I don’t exactly know how to make a very successful paper airplane…

Sometimes I am further ahead o pretend that the top of my bra is actually a cute tank top…like Saturday when I changed clothes for church and realized the bra went up just a little higher than the shirt did…oops…and while I could try to keep the back of the shirt pulled down to hide it, as soon as I leaned over it was game over…enter pretending I meant to do that…at work I have even pinned my nametag to my brastrap and made it part of the outfit…My opinion is that if you are confident you can pull it off, so just don’t be self-conscious and you’ll be fine…the appropriate skin is covered either way so you just gotta make it a statement and run with it…

Also, I have thought for a long time I had way more craft supplies than I needed…I’ve got some tiny helpers for that problem…each of the past two weeks they’ve managed to destroy at least one marker…they are so adorable I couldn’t possibly be upset about it (and plus this week it was the pink marker that got dropped down the vent…and I don’t like pink so I didn’t have much use for that marker anyway…) and I have no idea how to get red kool-aid out of carpet…and I don’t want to know how they managed to break the pencil sharpener in half, I am just thankful no one sliced a finger open doing that…


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