Part of getting free from the pressure to be perfect is knowing nothing can separate us from God’s love Linkup with Holley Gerth

So I’m a day late…and I don’t really have much on topic today, because I think that prompt pretty much sums it up better than I could say it myself anyway…

I talk to myself a lot…and sometimes I want to freeze in time some of the things I say, because while some of them are reflexive phrases that don’t mean much (like repeating you’re okay over and over when something is wrong), others I have to stop and think because did that really just come out of my mouth? So from the helpful to the mundane, here are a few of the random things that have come out of my mouth yesterday…and whether they make sense or not, God loves me the same 🙂

Emails work better when you hit send

People might make you mad but you are strong.

Life isn’t fair, and getting upset won’t change that.

Remember the surprises that are positive. That will be better for you in the long run.

You are a responsible capable girl whether people treat you like that or treat you like c**p.

When all else fails get up and try again…unless you just realized that your glasses fall off your face when you try to cartwheel…then carefully try to find them and sit your stupid butt down.

Look for the good in people whether they make you happy, frustrated, or are people who are getting a longer end of the stick than you are…everyone has some somewhere if you look hard enough…but some people make it like a really ridiculously hard treasure hunt to find the good…and maybe the good is only that they make beautiful babies…but someone’s gotta make good babies seeing as how you are interested in from birth special needs domestic adoption…and it is hard for a baby to not be beautiful…so basically, anyone who can make babies (including the dude, ’cause you can’t have a baby without a dude being involved) has at least a teeny tiny piece of good in them…

I don’t care that you weren’t going to get up again until you finished the paragraph—you are going to pee your pants if you don’t, and I am not interested in dealing with functional urinary incontinence.

There would be more cute drawings in your journal if you drew more cute drawings in your journal, but there’s not, because you didn’t.

Big girls don’t tense up and try to hide into a ball of flesh pressed against the wall when people stare at them. Eyes won’t hurt you.

Remember that you might not feel that smart but you are right way too often to be a weatherman.

Corollary: Trust your instincts, not the weatherman, and you will probably be less dissappointed.

Hold on tight but be ready to let go. Friends are awesome but it hurts less when you don’t have to have them pried out of your clenched fists…and cultivating relationship is good, but not when you stay even when you are being intentionally hurt.

Treat yourself the way in which you treat little people: markers break but there are lots of other colors left to color with.

Don’t forget sugar and water.

If you can’t stop playing with SD and can’t type and play at the same time then after 20 minutes it doesn’t matter that no one is taking her from you. You need to do homework. She knows the word mama…bring her as close as you can get to where mama hopefully is and tell her to find mama…

Sometimes spoons just need to go to spoon heaven, and you have to let them go. (I should probably explain about this one…see I have this folding spoon that I LOVE! Unfortunately, during fall break of third year I had a germ crisis and as a consequence, my nachos were heated over and over to the point of boiling to make sure they were clean enough to eat, and in the process this spoon got just a little melted, and ever since, no matter how much I try to clean it, it looks dirty and feels a little sticky…but it is an awesome spoon so I keep it and occasionally still use it, and I was doing dishes in the middle of the week which I pretty much never do because I wanted to use it again, and I decided that after this time I needed to consider throwing it away…I don’t actually believe that spoons go to heaven…just the landfill).

I should check out the semicolon project because after seeing this really powerful and reasonably well-done video about it, I am intrigued.

There is a special place in hell for toilet squatters. If you are going to pee like an animal then there are plenty of bushes outside…and as one commenter noted, even if you wipe it up with TP, that is NOT clean. Do you just let your kid’s blanket dry and re-make the bed when they wet it because now it is dry and therefore it is clean, or do you actually wash it?…umm please tell me you did not just read 57 pages of the comment section…this is why you get nothing done.

Be careful what lyrics come out of your mouth; “I don’t even have any clothes on” on repeat sounds real sketch.

That’s so tired.

Doesn’t everyone sleep with a cup of dried up milk?…but if I try to throw it to the sink it might land on top of the clean dishes…


2 thoughts on “Part of getting free from the pressure to be perfect is knowing nothing can separate us from God’s love Linkup with Holley Gerth

  1. You crack me up. I think you and my ADHD daughter would get along just fine. Except that I don’t know when either would get a word in. And of course, this is coming from the ADD mom. Who got almost everything you said. I think. (Btw: you may want to consider decaf. 🙂 ) #LoveRandom

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