Why Would I Fall For a Fool Like You…I’m Better Off Without You


Oh my…how things change…the phone ringing used to terrify me, and I am totally fine with it now…except today the phone was ringing (and I accidentally hung up instead of getting the screen turned on to find out who it was), and it left me a little concerned…

See, I don’t have proof of “who” was calling me, but the call came from the message system at my apartment…the one that is designed to act as a doorbell and calls to your phone (and mine goes to my cell since I don’t have a home phone) so you can either talk to someone through the intercom or let them in…here is the problem with that system calling me…

I do not have internet service at my apartment, and I don’t have a TV, much less cable service, so there is no reason for a worker to be wanting in.

Anyone who works for the apartment complex can get in without involving me, so they wouldn’t need to contact me, and if they just wanted to talk they’d call me from a real phone.

My parents can also get in without me, and I am pretty sure they would tell me before just showing up here…especially since it is a pretty long drive…

…And only two other people have ever been to my apartment…and one of those people knows that I am at school on Saturdays and would have no reason to stop by my apartment to see me…

…Which leaves one person who I have no idea why would be interested in getting into my apartment, but she is not welcome there. I would be happy to meet with this person elsewhere, but I have to have at least a marginal level of trust with you before I am going to be interested in having you drop by my apartment unexpectedly…

I suppose there is one other possibility. It is possible that someone was not specifically looking for me…however I am fairly certain the way the system is set up you have to type in someone’s apartment number and then it gives you verification of the last name of the person you are calling so someone would have to be really not paying attention…so in that case it seems like the most likely possibility would be a criminal hoping I would just let in anyone who called without asking whom it was first…which also is not a positive situation…okay fine, my school also has my address on file (even though they only ever mail things to my permanent address for my parents to forward to me) and someone could have looked it up and opted to say hello, but again, the chances of doing that without at least mentioning it to me first seem pretty low…

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