There Ain’t No Disguising What’s True

(Jesus Freak–DC Talk)

If anyone wanted to know what I was passionate about, a tour of my backpack would give a really good idea even with the journal remaining closed…

Let’s see…pictures drawn and given to me by IttyBitty (age 3) and FireBall (age 4ish)…

(Digital) Folder of “cute kid pics” starring primarily people I have no connection to besides both living in the world and having some sort of internet access…(Edited to add: I know tis sounds kinda creepy if you don’t really know me…I never take pictures of kids, but I have cute files for pictures I find on the internet…I recently deleted the cute penguin, cute kitty, and cute dolphin file, ’cause I don’t care anymore, but I still have the cute kid file…they come mostly from advertisements or random pics that show up on my twitter or facebook feed…)…

Most common internet uses besides email: reading Scary Mommy and watching What’s Up Moms

Things I have spent more time than I care to admit distractedly soft-researching when I should have been studying: gluten-free daycare…selective mutism (hey, I was watching a kid video and then youtube’s stupid new autoplay feature picked an SM vid and I was hooked)…raising triplets or quads…reusable pouches (which speaking of reusable pouches, I think those have been around for a long time…it’s called tupperware…I don’t think I understand the appeal of a special container solely for applesauce or pudding…if you really want it to be squishy you could seal it in a plastic bag…I do like the idea of the commercial pouches though, because they seem less likely to get a hole and start leaking than the foil covered serving size bowls of applesauce…)

One of the very few pics I have of myself beyond high school aged: in the church nursery

I was feeling rebellious this morning so I turned off the chime on the dryer so I could internet as long as I felt like I needed to without bothering my neighbors in 23 minutes when the chime would go off over and over…I later realized that if that was my conceptualization of rebellious that is kind of pathetic…so I suppose that is how I get labeled as a good girl…and I guess it isn’t such a bad thing to be unable to intentionally hurt anyone or do anything (overly) “wrong.”


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