We’re grounded and surrounded by folks who are dumbfounded

(No Fair O’Hare–The Plane Truth)

Oh my…I don’t even know what to say about this…I just wish I could un-hear it. Some girl was talking on the phone in front of me, and she says something like “oh my g**h! Did you hear that he was diagnosed with a mental illness???!!” Besides just how gossipy and rumor-spreading that sounds, I took huge offense at that, because it wasn’t just what she said, but how she said it. She sounded so excited to have gossip to share, and when she got to the words mental illness her voice got quiet and secretive as if it is something shameful, embarrassing, and unfit for conversation. This is the kind of attitude that I want to change on campus. This attitude of superiority…this attitude of disgust for people who didn’t choose to struggle…this attitude of meeting people with a heart of disqualification rather than of empathy and concern…

You may want to be cautious before clicking over if you are easily grossed out, but this post over at (in)courage is a really good reminder of the blessing of kindness…accepting kindness doesn’t *just* bless the giver… #kindnessmatters

This picture speaks for itself…



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