If your living room floor looks like a toy store

(Mom Song–Go Fish)

You know you’re growing up when walking into your apartment and seeing this:

just part of the mess...
just part of the mess…

doesn’t just feel really homey…it kind of also feels like a disaster zone that you are going to need to clean up and you are wondering why you can’t just keep things neat and organized…and it is no consolation that it is a lot cleaner than it was earlier…that picture seriously doesn’t even do justice to the disarray I walked into…

Apparently I have now learned how not to make bean soup…yuck…so I read recipes shortly before spring break and over spring break implemented the plan and then froze it, and I tried it for the first time yesterday and it is gross…so the directions were black beans, chili seasonings, chicken broth, water…seems easy enough, right?…well I thought I could short cut a little and use chili beans…and then it seemed to watery (because I got a little carried away with the water), so I was going to put in a little thickener…except I got a little distracted and ended up with an extremely large amount of thickener…so anyway, today I heated it up and decided it was a little bland so I added some chili seasoning and pepper…the result: a mushy goop that tastes vaguely spicy but definitely not like bean soup, and not like chili…luckily I only did that to one can of beans…

It is probably going to be a frustrating day today…yeah…so guess who forgot her headphones at home…which means distraction will be more of a problem than usual…and I can’t listen to the videos I wanna listen to…

Every Sunday I re-learn the same lesson: not every crumb on the bed is food…


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