That’s Not The Secret But I Know What Is

(Cross the Line–Superchick)

So here’s the engagement story you’ve been waiting for since yesterday…oh guys!! It is so exciting and so good! It was SO hard to be patient until today to let y’all know about it!


Yeah…I am not engaged. The picture is from google…I don’t actually even have a boyfriend yet, so it would be awfully hard to get engaged…I have wanted to do an engagement April Fools prank for a while, but after ordering some engagement announcement and wedding invitation cards last year, I realized that cards would require revealing a name for the “lucky guy”…and I doubt I could make up a name that would sound like a real name…so after some thought, blogging seemed like a great chance instead…’cause I already don’t share names and faces here, so it made it a lot less information to make up…and by saving the story for later there was little that could be used to prove the story false…except the lack of a ring on my finger…that was a lot of fun…wouldn’t it be awesome if I actually did get engaged at the end of March or on April first next year?!?!? After this, no one would believe that it was even real!


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