Breathing in Breathing out

(Different Kind of Free–ZoeGirl)

I read this news story recently, and it is soo good…it is the kind of news story that is my favorite: not actually news, but just a connection to the greater world out there, and this one is a reminder of how there are some really amazing people in the world who really will go the extra mile to care for people…in this case, making marching band accessible for a kid who can’t play an instrument and is stuck in a wheelchair with complex medical needs…even the most impossible seeming problems can have a solution if you are determined enough to search and allow a little creativity and rule-bending…

Someone wrote a blog post that wrote about stigma and its detrimental effects far more eloquently than I could ever say it…guess what…if you don’t want your life “endangered by someone with mental illness” then maybe you should just go lock yourself in your house and never emerge, because guess what?! There are multitudes of people with mental illness who drive on the roads every day and could very well choose to run into your car, and pushing people away from seeking help just means there will be more people out there not getting the help they need to live fulfilling lives (and not take yours in some of their cases)…and yeah, the pilot had a note, but do you know how easy it is to get a “doctors note” from that particular doctor? No, you probably do not, and yet you assume that having the note means that he was in dire straits when he saw the doctor, when in reality, something could easily have happened on his way to the airport that morning or even while he was on the plane that triggered his suicidality and desire to end it…it is quite possible that as far as the doctor knew he was doing great and the note was simply written as a back up plan in case he needed it later…

This article is really sad…but in a kind of twisted way, I also found it made me feel less alone. The school described has a somewhat different problem with its counseling system than my school has, but there are a few similarities…and one of those similarities is that the system takes an approach that is extremely hurtful towards many students. While I would never wish suffering upon anyone, it also feels good to know I am not the only one getting hurt by a broken system…I do think some of the complaints listed in the story are not all that valid, but at the same time I also recognize that some of them are valid–it isn’t good practice to say you can’t use our resources but aren’t welcome here unless you are in counseling for a year…who cares your insurance doesn’t work here, have fun calling a billion places see ya’ later…so yeah, some pieces were very much legitimately problems and it is good to know I am not the only one facing them…(Edited: I hadn’t actually fully read the article before I posted it here…I really pretty much had only read the paragraph or two I mentioned here…after actually reading the article this morning, my opinion has changed a little…for the most part I believe the majority of what these students are saying is purely public whining…whining that they should have learned to stop doing as toddlers…there are a few valid points, but the majority of it I do not agree with…I think it is great that they are sharing their opinions, but not so great the way that they are doing it…and there are some things that you just don’t need to complain about, and certainly should not be complaining about so publicly…and there is a difference between expressing an opinion and whining.)

On a more positive note, this week is everyone matters week and it is kind of fun…my counselor says I am a caregiver biker girl…that’s not how I self-identify, but this is 🙂

caring…I could use a variety of words/phrases to describe myself: resilient, empowered, strong, brave, caring, worth it, high energy…I had to take this one with my shoes instead of my face so it was easier to post 🙂

Also, yesterday I learned don’t put your head down to rest late at night…because when someone says to listen because this is going to be important you kind of end up having trouble because you’re still in a nap hangover despite not ever falling asleep and it will take another 10 minutes to see straight again…also, find out in advance how late you are going to be out so you can make plans that don’t involve pouring water in your eyes to stay awake while driving home…and getting home so tired that you have the water on and soap in your hands are having trouble remembering what to do next…today’s OSCE and studying is going to be great #sarcasm


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