If I could turn on the sun let it shine in your street…give glory where glory is due

(Here’s for the Years–Remedy Drive)

It makes me sad that there are currently less than 250 brightspot nominations and today is the deadline…can you really not even think of ONE person on this entire campus that has something even the least bit positive about them? Really? All it takes is everyone filling out one survey and we could probably reach at least 80% of our campus with a little kindness, think of two people and maybe we could get to 90%…EVERYONE has at least a little positive in them if you look…but apparently probably about only 120 people on the entire campus could think of ANYONE worth recognizing…Seriously?…It isn’t like it is hard–the survey literally takes five minutes if you are typing slowly…there are over a 1000 people physically on this campus every day…

K yeah…that’s all…just needed to express how frustrating it is that this campus is so negative that we can’t even find one positive thing to say about one person.


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