No matter what I’m going through…

(God of Every Story–Laura Story)

ribbon blogFunny story about this…You can’t see it in the pic, but I was also wearing a shirt with teal on it and blue shorts, but it was a little harder than just finding the shirt and putting it on…see, I thought I could pick out my clothes without my glasses on, because I forgot them on my bed when I got down to pick out clothes…I know my colors, but initially I picked a shirt I thought was completely teal…and then remembered that the shirt with that design was decidedly green…but when things blur as much as they do for me without my glasses, colors get mixed together to the point that I rely on memory to know for sure what color things are if I am not wearing glasses…most of the time it isn’t a problem to not know, but when you are trying to pick out the right color for an awareness day, it is sort of important to know the difference between blue and green (Sry…there is no way even with my glasses that I can tell you what the difference between teal and blue is…that is just not going to happen…I am a fan of the 11ish color categories: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, white, black, grey, pink, and sometimes brown…once you go further than that, you really lose me…also, this is as close to posting a picture of my face you are going to ever get…

Also, this is not funny…and I’m only 87% sure it is okay to post this…but maybe no one will scroll down this far…and I’m not accusing anyone of anything…just observing…I am very much aware that it is somewhat possible that this is all coincidental and I am just stealing trouble from tomorrow…but just sayin’ be on your best behavior, ’cause if anything legitimately wrong is going on and I come across definitive undeniable evidence, I might actually get help, because I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I also don’t want to be anyone’s doormat, and if I can’t stand up for myself then who will?caution


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