So keep your head up ignore the pain, ’cause there’s nothing about you that’s plain


My shoulders are sore today…from too much laughing yesterday…as far as problems go, that’s a pretty good one to have…I LOVE people…although the part of me that knows how much stuff I need to get done ASAP thinks it might not have been my greatest choice, the part of me that knows I am extremely extroverted had SO MUCH FUN hanging out with people from like 3:15 until 7:15…and meeting some new friends…and you know I’m enjoying myself when I barely even notice that it is 7:30 and I haven’t had dinner yet…

I was recently listening to the marching band music from my sophomore year. The music wasn’t really as awful as I remember it being…not great, but not horrific….just goes to show how negativity can seep from one area into another…I was SO not happy about having to go outside that we prob could’ve been playing my favorite songs and I would have found something about the music to complain about…and of course, then there was my junior year when they decided we should have ugly uncomfortable new uniforms…and then my senior year when they added the stupid berets…no one wants to get a stupid bright blue beret to stay on their head Kthxbai…Despite the fact that I didn’t have the lung capacity to play a reed instrument at the time of instrument choosing, I still regret not being an oboe player…even aside from the fact that oboe is not so common so you don’t have to even be any good, playing oboe means you get the honor of not having to be in marching band if you don’t want to be, AND you can get credit and your A for being in band but use the time as a study hall…still just a little jealous of the oboe players…as a flute player I will never get a study hall in band even if there is no flute in a song, because flutes are a front two rows instrument which means staying in front of everyone the entire time…and flutes definitely can’t get out of marching…

Also, this flower I got the week before Valentines day from one of my friends and last weekend I was holding scissors and somehow I ended up decapitating the flower…I really have no idea where that idea came from or how I managed to act on it before realizing it wasn’t my brightest idea…despite it not having any light almost ever, the stem had started growing new stuff so I planted it…however I expect it to die soon, because out of sight out of mind…and I totally forgot about that until I uploaded the pictures this morning…20150420_185752 20150420_185842 20150420_190012 20150420_190014 20150420_190123

Oh, and this candy heart I know someone who would probs like it…I don’t really know why there are animal names on the candy heart…kinda like I don’t understand the candy heart that says “let’s read” “1+1=2” or “science is fun” but I guess people can print whatever they want on their candy…



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