Like a family that sticks together a true friend loves forever

(True Friend–Discovery at Camp Wise-N-Up)

So a friend and I had a great conversation last night…the kind that can only be had by two people who have lived a lot together (notice that is not lived together a lot…we have never been roomies and don’t see each other a whole lot). I hate English classes and stuff, but I love how the placement of one word can completely change the meaning of a sentence if you are paying attention…it is really cool in a nerdy kind of way how with a little perception the same set of words in a slightly different order or slightly different emphasis can mean something so different…words are powerful…

So we’ll use F for friend and M for me. (ellipses mean a brief pause, not that any words are missing).

F: hey how are things with the thing?

M: I haven’t seen you in forever! It’s like you disappeared, but anyway IDK there are ups and downs, but it is okay at the moment anyway…there were things and then things with things and things but for now it has settled down and the things aren’t really a big deal for now.

F: that’s good. I know sometimes it really isn’t okay…I still think that’s dumb…I was so mad for you when that thing and that time.

M: Yeah, but it really isn’t the end of the world…life went on…

F: yeah, but that’s not fair…you’re not going to that thing at that time when and right…that is so frustrating and unfair…I am so mad for you.

M: I’m not going but it’s not a big deal…if things were the only reason I couldn’t go I would be SO MAD SO MAD, but there’s also the same reason as I could only pretend to go to that thing with you last week…so things can happen if they want and whatevs to that. See if I care!!

F: You should still be mad though because that is so not fair, but I love that you think like that

M: Well, thank you.

For one thing, I LOVE seeing this person. For another thing, I LOVE that I could have this conversation with her…and for a third thing, I LOVE that although we used very few descriptive words and I am pretty sure we both knew exactly what we were talking about…haha…yeah…I doubt you caught it, but there were actually two distinct situations we discussed, and one ongoing situation in the part of the conversation that I transcribed here…Yeah, I know there was a lot of “mad” going on in the conversation. We weren’t exactly talking about positive events…since some people witnessed the conversation I don’t want to post on the internet in such a way that anyone would be able to know both with whom I was talking and what we were talking about, so I am not going to reveal what we were talking about (And I am pretty sure that although this was how our conversation started and we were on the same page that no one else would read this conversation and have any idea what we were discussing.) but suffice it to say that it is something that it is definitely beyond fair to be really mad about…Also, beyond the ability to have a conversation like this and know what is going on, you know you are a special friend when I am not mad that you are keeping me up late to talk…


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