You’ve Always Got a Place to Go To

(You’ve Got a Home–Christa Wells)

Finally back home…

I had a great last day…in the morning I played a game called how many times does it take me walking over to Jones Hall before I come back with the forms I need…the answer: five times…however, not all the trips were a waste…one of those trips I came back with an orange which was great because I planned on donuts for breakfast but I figured with fewer finals on Friday that I didn’t need to be in a hurry…I was wrong…and all the donuts were gone when I got there, so I was kind of hungry, because skittles was a good start for my breakfast, but not really filling the whole idea of breakfast…and next fun event was hanging out with someone and having skittles and starburst with her for second breakfast…and next fun event was going out for lunch with someone else…and then hanging out with a teacher who I wandered around to like the only parts of Jones Hall I’d never been before, and she invited me to take as much candy as I wanted and even offered me a bag (I declined though to take more than I could hold…)…and then visiting another teacher briefly and talking and getting a rice krispy and another orange…and yeah…it was a good day…and I would have loved even just hanging out with all those people without all the food, but I love food too, so that just made it even more awesomer…

Oh, and the night before that was a great game of how many distracted girls does it take to go on a mission to find car keys…answer: two…but by “the first thing you guys need to do is find your keys and text us whether they are found or not” it was more like go hang out and remember that my phone is still turned off in my backpack in the lobby and I should go get it and turn it on later, and talk and then…oh wait…weren’t we looking for your keys?…but we did find them…and I found my phone and started answering my messages…I have the bestest friends…I love how I was planning on writing a thank you card to a group of people, and instead they wrote a card to me and are mailing it to me…

And then coming home…another instance of maybe I do need some stinkin’ directions…I figured I didn’t really need them…I mean, I’ve done this SO many times (as in this was the fifth time) so I totally knew where I was going…well, for the most part, I did know where I was going…except for one part where the middle lane went the opposite direction as I wanted to go and both the outside lanes went the right directions, but one was 57 and one was 58 and I couldn’t remember which I wanted ’cause I just remembered the 5 and didn’t remember it being a choice before…and I picked wrong and almost immediately knew that things did NOT look familiar…I might be extremely directionally challenged, but I will probably remember the interesting buildings…oopsie daisies…and of course Carmen, the gps I carry with me, refused to turn on no matter how much I wanted her to…but I figured out how to get where I was going…and 107 miles later I stopped at the casino because I was feeling lucky…actually that’s not true…I did stop 107 miles later, but it had absolutely nothing to do with feeling lucky and absolutely everything to do with because I remembered that I had needed to pee since like 6:00 in the morning and it was now like 11:45…and it is hard to act out all my songs (Shake Your Body Down…Dance Kung Fu) with actions when I am doing the potty dance…people who say driving is an “immobile” activity have definitely not seen the way I drive when I am alone esp when bored…”get your feet out of your face” is probably a good indication of how stationary I am not. 🙂

…and I eventually made it home…and realized YAY!!!!!I found the pharmacists mutual card I was supposed to make sure I had for my rotation…and OH NO!! I also found the paper that says in all caps big print “DO NOT LOSE THIS MANUAL.” …Umm…well…I didn’t exactly *lose* my manual…I just…ya’know…kinda…left it in my apartment…hangs head in shame…this is the kind of time I wish that when I made a spare key for my apartment last summer that I’d done something with it besides put it on my key chain next to my original key…there are a lot of things I might forget at home or at school that I can definitely live without or are at least easily replaceable…but the intern manual is not one of them…I guess when I email the board to tell them that I need more blue forms and am also almost out of white forms I can add in: and I also probably need a new intern manual…and this, GirlyQ, is why you don’t save packing for the last minute…


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