Pulling me from the other side of the world


Non-drunk drivers cause 4 in 5 traffic deaths…that is what the signs said as I was driving home…so in answer to the lady in the advertisement on spotify that sounds like she probably thinks she is too cool for you even though she is too stupid to realize what she is saying makes absolutely no sense…so why would you choose to drink and drive? Probably because you got thirsty…or if you are talking about alcohol, because it makes you less likely to cause a traffic death…I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…

but anyway…I have like a billionty-jillion posts saved on my computer that I want to re-read and/or share, and I tried to start narrowing it down, and there were still a LOT of things I liked, so here is a (long) list of things I like…

I like the quadrillion of hashtags in this blog post, but the thing is, as cute as we make it, a month is not enough…people are still sick when the calendar page turns to June, and where is the support going to be then?

So true, but I think the idea behind the blog post was better than the actual carrying out of the post…but trauma can very quickly take over one’s whole identity, and it is difficult to separate the pain from who one is as a person…

Failure means I stop…what we need is persistence. We need standards, but we need strength.

I love this. Broken crayons make weak hands strong. We are all needed. We are not ever forgotten, just waiting to be used.

This article is incredible…the issues I had with church were not experienced quite like this, but oh my…there is another situation that fits well into this framework…Basically all of the big bold words resonate with me, but this one is short and sweet and can be altered to be very true: “Religion will molest you then accuse you of being bitter about it.” Abuse doesn’t have to make me bitter…it can make me sympathetic and courageous.

This story is really touching…A realization of a problem, followed by a promise that it will get better. “Not perfect, but better, so just hang on.”

I am not sure how I feel about this…while I do certainly agree that people should act respectfully towards one another, I also think that as professionals, we have a higher calling towards our patients. They are coming to us because things aren’t going so well in their life and our job as healthcare professionals is not to derive any benefit from them, but to serve them…I obviously do not know the entire situation presented in this article, but to me from the information given, the involvement of the police came way too quickly…calmly talking would have been a much more appropriate solution in my opinion…yes, it does not feel good to be yelled at, but involving someone else is only going to escalate the situation, and your job as a pharmacist is to SERVE people…maybe occasionally you will be praised and that will feel good, but that is not supposed to be your purpose in life…

I believe I have read every story on this list of articles, and almost every single one of them was so powerful and meaningful. It feels so good to know I am not alone. My heart breaks for anyone else who has ever been hurt and abused the way I have been, but breaking for these strangers to whom my only connection is pain, is strangely healing. Just a note, that I have not been sexually abused even though that is what some of these articles talk about. At the same time as it feels good though, it feels scary. I know this is a totally impractical desire, but I really want to somehow be able to protect other people from going through what I have gone through, and reading about how many bad people are in the world that I “need” to protect people from, is kind of scary…it forces me to recognize that I have very little power to protect anyone…I can tell my closest friends when they ask me that I would recommend they just trust me on this and whatever they do, do NOT talk to ___, but I can’t protect the world…Oh my though, besides that, it feels SO good to not be alone in this.

Cartoons about how to beat procrastination…could be cool to do something with this…

I LOVE this…as hopefully a future professional specializing within pediatrics, I definitely can connect with this environmental approach to children’s health…mom’s health will certainly impact baby’s wellbeing..

This is helping me more fully forgive…if you are incompetent and narcissistic and therefore feel threatened because anyone could rat you out if you allowed them to retain enough confidence to do it, it makes sense that you would hurt people and then play victim in order to feel powerful in attempt to cover how inadequate you know you are…It doesn’t make it okay, but it makes it easier to forgive more fully…(also, unrelated to the article, but I am very grateful to the person who helped me recognize that perhaps while some of the abuse was certainly intentional that perhaps parts of it were simply incompetence or poor training, and while ignorance is not an excuse, and the obvious factor should have informed some decisions, that was another propelling moment towards greater forgiveness) 

This is also awesomesauce…things you should know, like it is okay to cry and you matter.

…and now I need to write a list of things that I need to do, because relying on my memory is a good way for things to not get done until it is too late…like packing my intern manual…


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