all they see is someone who’s not me

(Invisible–skylar grey)

So I had this great idea…instead of trying to make my blog go viral when you don’t like what I write, you can come to me with your concerns…Isn’t that a great idea?! See, I was under the impression that I was not living in the walkers/crawlers room at school, that I was living with teens and adults. I know, bad assumption, what made me think that?! There is nothing wrong with walkers and crawlers; I love them almost as much as infants, but they can get away with tantrums and minimal barely comprehensible verbal communication because 1. they don’t really know better, and 2. they are cute…

No offense, but once you are an adult you are no longer cute, so you don’t have that going for you anymore…also, if you still don’t know better, that is something it might be a good time to work on…teaching is one of my strengths, and I am very willing to meet you where you are at and patiently help you express yourself so we can come to an agreement.

I am not asking you to speak to my face…I am very willing to start small…I have a phone that accepts texts, calls, voicemails. I have an email address (Actually, a few of them). I have mailing addresses. I have a blog you can comment on (duh, you’re reading it). I have facebook, twitter, pinterest, and formspring (although I haven’t actually logged into formspring since highschool and I’m not totally sure I still know how)…basically, there are a lot of avenues you can use to communicate with me. I am very willing to work with you and patiently figure out how we can both have our needs met through my blog, but just sharing with your friends when you don’t like it isn’t going to fix anything…

It won’t change the content of the blog, and it doesn’t tell me what in particular bothers you…

I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’…

It is a little cute when an itty bitty person grabs my leg and screams to let me know either I am taking too long to get her cup filled or maybe she wants a different toy or can’t reach her sticker (oh, the injustice when mommy puts the nametag sticker on a part of the kid’s back where it can’t be reached and pulled off)…it is not so cute when a group of adults decide to probably share my blog to express their dissatisfaction…if you want something, use your words and ask me. I am very willing to work with you and edit so that we both can be satisfied with the outcome, but I am not a mind-reader. Just like I can’t magically guess what insurance you have if your insurance isn’t on the online search and you didn’t have your card scanned into our system and you haven’t shown me your card yet, I can’t guess what y’all want when the only information I get is the number of views…

(Yes, there really are people who expect me to be able to know their insurance information like that…and that’s not even the strangest insurance-related conversation I’ve had…just two days ago someone asked me to cancel her insurance plan because she likes the one she had last year better…besides the fact that is a conversation she needs to personally have with the insurance company, I don’t think that is how commercial insurance works…)

I appreciate people viewing and sharing my blog because they like it. I do not like people viewing and sharing when it is to show contempt.

Please pardon typos as I blog from my phone.


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