He filled the sea, with his tears and watched his dreams, disappear…send me someone to Lava


I watched Inside Out today at the theater with my daddy. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it was pretty good. I did feel like it was trying to teach me something though, and I couldn’t figure out what that something was…but the movie was so good…

It was hilarious. I loved it so much…watching movies in a theater is hard because I cannot sit still that long, and I definitely am not going to play on the floor or lay upside down in a movie theater, but it helped that there were a lot of families with little kids there, and that helped keep me on task…it was so worth it for this movie.

There were also parts with which I could identify…being torn from my happy place, my old church…the world really does feel like it is completely falling apart and nothing can save the situation…even going back home just isn’t the same…everything changes because I no longer fall into the same position…and my reaction at the time was to lock up my emotion so I was numb…so basically my reaction was not identical to Riley’s in the movie, but there were definitely parallels that kept me engaged.

…and I do understand that sometimes memories or experiences that should be happy seem to be tainted by sadness, but sometimes wallowing in the sadness is the only way out of it…

It was an awesomesauce movie! Disney is great đŸ™‚


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