Everyone Needs to Belong Somewhere

(I belong to you–Superchick)

How you know I belong in the nursery:

A bus driver apparently didn’t bother to look before changing lanes and nearly ran me off the road yesterday…my response was not to scream or curse or honk my horn at him…just to keep from getting smooshed, and once I was safe to simply say “Oh no, someone forgot that two objects cannot share the same space on the road at the same time”…in the same tone I would use to reply to “baby sad” to say “Yes, she is sad because you poked her in the eyes. Our friends don’t like it when we poke their eyes. We have to play gentle with our friends. Can you be gentle with your friends? Good job being gentle with your friends.”

…can you tell I work primarily with birth through age 2?…

The nursery is my favoritest place ever…which is why I am SUPER excited to get to spend time there three days in a row!!


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