You can only move as fast as who’s in front of you

(Breathe Today–Flyleaf)

I guess I mostly just wanted to apologize. I have been having a hard time recently, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to be disrespectful or to stop being cautious with my words…I know people that I’d prefer not read my blog are reading it…and I know some people are easily offended…and I do try really hard to not inadvertently hurt even people I strongly dislike…but sometimes I mess up and don’t really realize how my words could be interpreted or I occasionally am upset enough to not care if I do realize it (or just to not be capable of thinking through it completely…)…I try…and people who know me know that I am fiercely protective even of people I really don’t like. I want to learn to balance that out…respect is definitely important, but outright protection is more than is called for and probably more than is good for me…but in spite of that I make mistakes, and I think perhaps my words have had the potential to cause hurt feelings…so I am sorry…I will never be perfect enough to never accidentally hurt people…so yeah…please accept my apologies if I have hurt your feelings…


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