Make it new Make it real

(Deanna’s song-Kristene Dimarco)

If you don’t make your opinion known, then it is mostly your fault that things aren’t how you like…sharing your negative opinions might not make any changes, but makes it at least a possibility that either you will become not alone or that changes will be enacted…and then you can give up and know that you did at least the minimal effort required to say you didn’t do nothing…haha yeah…

Things I don’t like:

Stuff and things…I don’t like stuff and things and junk…okay…here is a slightly more specific list…

The air system in the new building is way too loud.

Even sitting in the front row in the classroom I was in Sunday, it was really hard to hear the person in front talking, and if anyone more than an arms length away from me was talking they may as well have been talking through a closed window for as far as I could tell. In the hallways I feel like I have to almost shout to hear myself talk, but that is disruptive to people in the classrooms.

There are far too many windows in the new building.

When I can see outside and into the hall it is really hard for me to focus on what I am supposed to be focusing on…this new building is the first time a classroom has ever had functional windows like that besides just certain seats in 1390 and 1590. 1303 and 1503 in some areas did have a view of the doorway from the seats, but it was enough in an alcove that you really only saw the empty open space unless someone was entering or exiting the classroom.

The desks have too many moving parts.

I am a person who has trouble sitting still in class and who enjoys having an enclosed space to work in. With desks on wheels and that swivel, me and sitting still is going to be a huge challenge, and because the parts move so easily, there isn’t any way that I could figure out to turn the desk into an enclosed space without a high likelihood of completely falling over if I moved…

The room numbers are non-intuitive and do not stack.

In most buildings, room 111 will be directly below 211 which will be directly below 311. Perhaps my visuospatial skills are just that far off, but the numbers appear to be pretty randomly placed. Additionally, the numbers are not odds on one side of the hallway and evens on the other, nor do the numbers work down the hallway numerically. It feels like someone was drawing numbers out of a hat to label the rooms.

The building feels like a maze.

Most buildings are either built as a circle or as one or two long hallways, but this building feels like it spirals and it is confusing. I know this one is not just me, because I have heard other people complaining about this too, especially how some stairs only go to certain levels and they aren’t in the corners, so we don’t expect to have to go searching behind stairwells to find classrooms. I also don’t need people wandering the halls while I am whining telling me to stop complaining because this building is awesome. I wasn’t talking to you, and if I cared what your opinion was I would have asked, and clearly I do not think the new building is awesome…sorry, I cannot subscribe to your little everything is awesome world. I respect your opinion, but I would like to request to respectfully agree to disagree. Don’t yell at me because your opinion is different than mine…the word is different, not wrong.

Good thing: the hallways are really wide which seems like it would be awesome for biking.

Bad thing: I am fairly certain that I would get in trouble for biking in the hallways.

There aren’t any outlets in the stairwells, and very few along the hallway…haven’t we learned anything from the older buildings.

It would be really helpful for there to be a kitchenette with a sink, storage space, and possibly microwave in the new building so I could rinse dishes and heat up food and stuff…I know for sure that microwaves would be well utilized by other students as well since a lot of our classes are over there and sometimes class schedules make it hard to get all the way to the cafeteria to heat up food. People would probs also like a fridge/freezer but that is not really something I care about.

Like I said before, it feels more like a mall than a school…and I think I figured out that it is because of how the ceiling is really high and the hallways are loud and echo-ey with lots of windows into the rooms.

I really do not like the sinks in the new building. They are automatic which is already a strike against them since there is no temperature adjustment and no pressure adjustment. They do not stay on long enough, and the water comes out too close to the edge of the sink. Also, the water is freezing cold, and because it comes out with such low pressure I have been using one sink for each hand to get the soap off, but when it is busier, that won’t really work…I am also not a fan of the foam soap, but with the low water pressure, it would be nearly impossible to get real soap off of my hands so unless we can get better sinks, the foam soap was a good choice…

There was someone I decided I was going to give a chance and not automatically decide this person was going to be a bad person…and this person is not exactly making it hard to think that perhaps I don’t need to get to know this person to decide this person is a bad person…if I attempt eye contact and wave and smile, I don’t expect you to have a conversation with me, but I do expect at least a nod, wave, or smile in return…is that too much to ask?

…but if you only think about things you don’t like you are a lame person who needs to get a life, so there are also some good things goin’ on.

Things I like:

My athletics friend from like two years ago who I thought had forgotten about me because I wasn’t around last year took the time to say hi to me and really engage me in conversation.

Even though I am completely overwhelmed, other people are encouraging me that I can do it but not by telling me that it is easy, thereby implying that I am just too dumb to figure it out.

My friend I thought I was never going to see again ever invited me to come to the park with her if I have time.

Another of my friends came back to working at school and I missed her so much when she was gone…

My parking pass is RED striped…Red is my favoritest color ever so that made my day…so hapy to not have more ugly pink parking permits…

I made a new friend yesterday and she is really friendly.

I made a new friend on Friday and realized today that he is the one who wanted info abt Cru way back in the middle of the summer…there is something different about him that I can’t figure out, but he seems to be a really compassionate person, and he takes the time to care about people and talk to me without being clingy, which are all good things in a potential new friend…but no, I am not at all interested in him in the bf/gf arena right now…he is just a friend who happens to be a boy, not a boyfriend…just wanna make that clear before people go making assumptions about me…GirlyQ does not really intend to get her Mrs. degree until she graduates and therefore doesn’t have much use for a boyfriend unless God has other plans


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