You’re the Best Believer in Me

(Believer–Kristene DiMarco)

from facebook-edited2

I really like this picture…I might be hot…so hot that my brain was no longer fully functioning and I somehow agreed to stand at table #15 (self-defense club) for a short time so someone else could meet my new friend even though I previously said I couldn’t do that, and doing so put me somewhere that wasn’t very comfortable for me…but I am still cooler than you 🙂 (See edited in star shaped sun glasses)…yep, certain conventions don’t bother me a bit, but it was too hot to stand up for the entire time…

Also, I love that this picture hides the remaining bruises that I have in real life…I promise I didn’t get beat up though…last Monday I went slacklining for the first time ever, plus I went again Wednesday…There was a learning curve…I can now stand on one foot…assuming that one foot is my left foot…my brother insists I will never be competent at walking if I can’t stand on my right foot…which is slightly problematic since I can barely stand on my right foot on solid ground…umm yeah, this girl was so shy that in 9th grade in October in gym class she fell so hard her right ankle was still bruised by January and she has never told anyone until recently which means there was a LOT of avoidance…did you know that it is very possible to stand so that it looks like most of your weight is on your right foot while actually keeping most of your weight on your left foot?…did you also know that it is significantly harder to hide an ankle owwy while doing breastroke?…well, now you do…

…and also, now I know why they say your phone should be not right next to you while studying…I got out of class early…and 2.5 hours later all I had gotten done was answering texts and eating dinner…and this is probably why I feel  bit overwhelmed…


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