’cause theme parks are so much more fun when the sun’s outside

(Chap stic and chapped lips and things like chemistry–Relient K)

So: Things I’ve learned this week

This is sort of a part 2 to the post I wrote a long time ago about all the food related things I had learned living on my own such as how to not find moldy jelly in your refrigerator (not that I ever learned that the hard way…twice…(then I stopped buying jelly))

So yeah…number one: do NOT pour boiling water into a peanut butter jar in order to get the peanut butter out more easily. The peanut butter jar doesn’t act as much like a shrinky-dink as the propel bottle did during 3rd year, but the jar does deform, and it doesn’t really get the peanut butter out that much easier…plus there is probs a good chance that plastic ended up in the peanut butter…which means that this week I may become more flexible because I may be eating plastic…also, the boiling water that misses the jar is sorta hot and messy…

Number two: read the needed ingredients before buying mixes, or look up substitutes while you actually still have good internet access…So yeah…easy mac packets only require water to become mac and cheese (although I also add oil and pepper)…the kind that comes in a box apparently wants you to add milk and margarine…I don’t like margarine so I figured I could substitute oil for that so I didn’t have to buy a bunch of margarine and throw most of it away later or bring it home over winter break…but then the milk…chocolate milk macaroni is one of the things some of the boys created in elementary school created that completely grossed me out, so that is definitely not an option…and very vanilla macaroni and cheese is one of those things that I don’t need to try to know that it probably would be a disaster…so yeah…I substituted water for that…as it turns out, that worked just fine to create macaroni, but it is a bit nerve-wracking to read the directions on the box and realize that you don’t actually have any of the ingredients except the water and the stuff in the box, nor do you have the internet handy to make sure everything is going to be okay…

Number three: Dishwasher pods look really awesome, but they aren’t so good for handwashing dishes…they look super awesome, but they become slimy and they don’t bubble…Like they look really cool as the plastic dissolves, but they are super slimy…and make absolutely no bubbles…and really don’t clean how I thought they would either…but playing with it once was definitely worth it, because when else am I going to get to stick my fingers into something that awesome, ’cause if you use them in an actual dishwasher you’ll never get to see and/or touch that stuff except while it is still encased in its little plastic bubble (which is also kinda awesome…if I had a dishwasher at my apartment I would likely be hooked…)

Number four: Never underestimate how distractible you are when calculating how much you can get done…It took me five times walking all the way to the leasing office from my apartment to manage to get there WITH my rent check…as in I didn’t realize I had forgotten anything until I was standing in front of the leasing office thinking “…oh…” I may have had a slightly more successful attempt if immediately upon realizing I had forgotten I had gone back to my apartment to get the check…but instead I was like hey, I am already here, I might as well sit down and use the wi-fi and I’ll come back later to pay my rent…haha yeah…and finally by the fifth time I was so proud to have the check in hand before walking out the door that I got most of the way down the stairs and then turned around because I realized I was only wearing one shoe…barefoot is cool by me if I am staying on the sidewalk, and TWO shoes is cool by me for going outside…but ONE shoe is not adequate…but I did finally manage to get the check turned in approximately 10 minutes before bedtime…which means that by the time I got back to my apartment and located my pajamas and pillow it was 10 minutes past bedtime…I don’t know how things that live on my bed can be so hard to find…

Finally, number five: how not to pack your backpack in the morning…Step 1: make sure your piles of stuff have been pushed around enough times that you have to completely start over sorting the stuff that belongs in a folder, from the stuff that belongs in the trash, and the stuff that belongs somewhere but not in the backpack…Step 2: be sure that your apartment is so messy that you have to look everywhere to find the other half of your computer charger…Step 3: Remove your right shoe from its location by the door and search your apartment for the missing left shoe…Step 4: FINALLY gather all your things and walk out the door…Step 5: Wonder, how did this happen as you realize that it has taken you the same amount of time to get ready this way as it did two days before when you packed all your bags the night before and only needed to pick them up and walk out the door…

Oh wait…also, I learned why it is good that a lot of the time I forget that I was going to mop the floor…I mean, soapy water is on the floor all the time…like when I am dumping out dish water and completely miss the sink…or when I figure I’ll save some time and fold my clothes while filling the bucket with soapy water and totally forget about it until the water is overflowing…which is why it totally doesn’t bother me if it has been a few weeks…the floor might be getting dusty, but it is plenty clean…

…Oh…and this morning I discovered the next best thing that I really don’t need but kinda want…INSTAGRAM!!…where else will I find awesomesauce quotes like “I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.” So if anyone wants to teach me how to make an Instagram account on my computer, I would love you forever and ever until I realized how little I was going to get done with one more social media distraction…so on that note, I don’t think I *actually* want an Instagram…


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