The day I chose not to eat…together we’ll make it through somehow


Well it wasn’t exactly so much of a choice…

I know my lunchbox came to school because I had the oatmeal out of it for breakfast this morning…and I remember bringing it to class…but somewhere between class and wanting to eat I lost my lunchbox…I have no idea where it went…has to be somewhere between the res hall and class…

I found a use for the facebook groups though! Someone found it and offered to bring it to class ’cause she was currently in a meeting…

…so excited to be re-united with my lunch and dinner…but the class is all the way in the new building which means not only can I not eat now, but even during a break there isn’t time to run all the way to another building to use the microwave and there don’t seem to be any microwaves in the stupid new building (yep, I said it, I think the new building is stupid)…which means since my class goes until 3:50 and then I need to get in my car which also does not have a microwave (because duh), that I can’t have lunch or dinner until dinner time anyway…it is going to be a LONG day…not that it doesn’t already feel like a long day when I had breakfast just before 6 and lunch doesn’t come until at least 12 anyway though…that part was just extremely poor planning though…


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