You know you know you know

(Impossible–Building 429)

This is totally going to be the next new viral trend…(no it’s not)…

You know you’re lazy when: you “make” chicken noodle soup (from a can) because it is easier than ramen…and then you remember how ramen tastes better though…

You know you’re tired when: you dry your sheets and pajamas to “less dry” and put them on the bed and yourself damp because you were gonna sleep on the floor but then remembered when you did that at home last and your mom made you get up and get the bed sleepable instead…and then realize that heat rises and you wish you had a better excuse to not sleep on the bed…

You know you’re not smart when: two years ago you discovered that two of your shampoo bottles leaked when not right side up, and your solution was to wipe down the slimy congealed shampoo off of everything in the drawer…and then shove everything back in…leading to a finding of an empty bottle and a big mess…this time I got smarter and put the leaky bottles right side up…and praised God that it was not a 32 oz bottle, because that would be even more messy.

 You know you are trusting when: you have no qualms about wandering the alley in the dark to take out the trash…until later when you realize that might have been dangerous, but are still pretty sure that it’s safe, because yeah, you live in an urban area and everyone keeps telling you all the places not to go, but it is a nice neighborhood.

You know you are fun-loving when: you play basketball with your trash bags and the dumpster instead of placing them inside like a normal person…If you were wondering, I scored a 50%; One bag made it to the trash and the other had to be picked up off the ground (rebound!) to be slam-dunked into the dumpster…which by the way smells kind of gross when it has been over 90 degrees outside…

You know you’re distractible when: you do not have diabetes, nor is diabetes something you are learning about in any class at school, yet you have spent more hours than you would like to admit reading about insulin pumps…although choice does kind of come down to what insurance wants to pay for, from what I’ve read, I think the omnipod is pretty cool, but the animas pumps are probably my favorite…not such a fan of minimed based on what I read…I suppose I can count this towards enhancing my ability to provide patient care since I could now successfully discuss with a patient the pros and cons of various insulin pump?…although researching via BlogSpot is probably not the best way to find health information…

You know you’re never going to be a domestic diva when: your towel has been washed three times in the past three days because the first time it was washed with shoes which was not the greatest idea for the towels you use every day…then it sat soaked for a little over 20 hours was washed again, then was hung on a hook damp overnight…leading to it smelling like damp towel in the morning and requiring a third wash…but until I took out the trash, my apartment smelled like “Grime Boss Basics: fresh scent wet cloths” and that is an awesome smell now that it has been long enough that I don’t associate that smell with the anxiety that ran alongside compulsive cleaning…also, I love being able to have fun with excessive amounts of soap bubbles again…not for the sake of cleaning anything, just because I can…


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