I am Loved

(Who I am: Blanca)

I have had an overwhelming sense over the past few days that I am really blessed because I have the bestest friends ever. I have friends that take the time to hang out with me and make space for me to sit with them and interrupt their conversation with someone else to talk to me even though I have nothing to say and are just really awesome…

I love my friends so much. I feel like I don’t deserve to have such awesome friends…but I really appreciate how awesome my friends are.

You know what’s not so awesome though: school.

I have a lot of pet peeves about school.

For example, in high school I don’t even know how many times I got sent to the attendance office because the teacher couldn’t mark me present for class…in other words, how many conversations I had with the attendance office that I was in fact present. Hi, my teacher sent me down here because the attendance book says I’m absent and it won’t let him fix it to say I am here. Well, the teacher is not going to mark you present if you showed up really late. Yeah, but I wasn’t late. The computer just wouldn’t let him put that I was present. Well the computer says you are absent all day. Well I am here right now and I was in my classes all morning…(yes, I really did have this conversation over and over…).

More recently, the issue of checks at college. I think it is a really dumb game to play I give you $300 today you give me $100 next week, etc…especially the day last semester I literally got a check one day for the exact amount that they sent me a bill for the next day…how hard would it really be, especially at such a small school, for the accounts receivable person to lean over to the accounts payable person and compare notes so that we didn’t just exchange checks all the time…maybe there is something I am missing, but it doesn’t seem like that would be so hard…and then you wouldn’t have times like today where I got a check from you three days ago and my payment to you is going to be only hours away from late because I checked go to business office off my list without actually turning in the check last time I was there…it would save both of us the time and effort of tracking each other down and writing so many checks if we could synchronize this and only the person who owes more has to write a check…or you could just take a credit card and paying wouldn’t requiring remembering where I left my checkbook and /or where I left the check that I wrote…

Also that the current online gradebook system we are using has gotten a lot harder to understand…I feel like I shouldn’t need to spend so much effort trying to figure out what my grades are…and I discovered yesterday that I actually had interpreted the grade book incorrectly and I actually am failing two classes, not just one…oh, don’t worry, I’m sure the rest of my classes will catch up so I can fail ’em all and try again next year (#sarcasm…although at the rate I am going right now I might be more right than I’d like to believe…which is bad since I worked so hard already on setting up rotations). I’m working really hard but it seems like all the reward I get for my effort is frustration.


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