So whatcha gonna do when the bottom falls out?

(Worth it–Francesca Battistelli)

Umm…apparently call my mommy and my daddy over and over until they pick up their phones at like 5:40 in the morning…

…another flat tire…another pop, oh no…this one flat so quickly that by the time I finished turning the corner it was completely flat…and apparently both the front and back tires are so damaged that the tire, rim, and hub cap all likely need replacing…not a happy camper…

Thank God I hadn’t let my phone battery completely die overnight…

…Yay for roadside assistance, but BOO for the message that it will probably be about an hour…maybe that shouldn’t be the very first thing someone hears when they call for help?…Okay, yeah, expectation management because if you told me it was gonna be 10 minutes and I waited an hour and a half I would be even more upset than if I waited an hour and a half after being told it would be an hour, but at the same time, maybe you could actually let me get all the way to a REAL person before telling me that it will be an hour. Kthxbai??

Also, thank God I put money in my account recently so I can pay for a new tire once I get somewhere to do so…which I plan on not doing today because I’ve already dealt with more than my little brain can handle for the day. There ain’t no practice runs for life, but there is always tomorrow perpetually a day away.

…can I just whine that this is not how I planned to spend my morning…and also that this is one reason against having oatmeal for breakfast…and seriously…not happy…

…and of course I finally get going to school and some idiot crossing guard literally runs out in front of my car (while there is nobody in the sidewalk and nobody waiting to cross) and yells at me to get off my phone. It is perfectly legal for me to make phone calls while driving, and you can’t make me do anything and yelling at me just makes me wanna pretend I am making a call if I ever see you again. (Immature, yes, but that was not a good time to be a jerkface at me)…I have half a mind to go back to that intersection and give him a piece of my mind, but that is probably one of those things that I would regret once I calmed down…and plus if you’re a crossing guard you probably aren’t the brightest bulb in the drawer, and like my pharmacist carpool buddy has said many times, you can’t fix stupid.

…and I parked over the line in the parking garage and I don’t even care…I just wanna go back home and pretend I’m not a student…I think my teachers might have something to say about that though if I didn’t show up for my quizzes and in class assignments and stuff today though, so I guess I have to stay here…and learn all the stuff I should have been learning this morning when I was playing with a flashlight in my car…I tried to study but the hazard lights were really messing with my brain (click click flash flash SHUT UP) and I was really struggling to even read and comprehend simple words so I gave up and played with the flashlight…

I don’t want to be an adult anymore. I am tired of trying to adult. Can I get a do-over?


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