It’s funny how the tables turn


If you’d told me a couple years ago that one day I’d be tutoring prof comm I’d tell you that you were either an idiot or needed glasses and/or a hearing aid. Well actually, I wouldn’t have said that, because I didn’t really talk much…and that was the problem I had with prof comm…but now I’ve made it out on the other side and I was (unofficially) tutoring prof comm…wow…I suppose it doesn’t mean that much seeing as how as a formerly terrified public speaker I definitely focused extensively on what a presentation “should” be like, so obviously I kinda know that, and tutoring people is a safe place for me, but in the past, no one would have even approached me for prof comm help…I think that formerly struggling with it so much really helped me to know the right things to say and do to help though, because I know what helped/didn’t help me and can quickly assess what the other person is struggling with to figure out how to help them…I can’t fix everything, but I can make the path smoother. Talking can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be a roadblock separating anyone from being a pharmacist. Making a difference is what I am passionate about…the fact that this girl was kind of like me and waited to get help until there was absolutely no way of fooling yourself into thinking you’re going to be able to do it all by yourself means that I am not really confident that by speech time it will have become an eloquent speech, but I am confident it will at least not be an embarrassing please just let this student stop talking because this is painful speech anymore either.


Irony: The same day my car has issues, an itty bitty version of my car comes in the mail from Honda…in my dad’s words so I can remember what it is supposed to look like (except for that I don’t have tinted windows and there are/were more logos on my adult-sized car). Isn’t it the most adorable toy car you’ve ever seen?!

Oh yeah…I got a new car this summer…I wasn’t planning to necessarily, but, TBH, I was kind of frustrated with being followed/tracked last year and it seemed like a really good idea to make a change to minimize that…but this semester mostly I don’t feel like that’s a problem anymore, and it is starting to get hard to keep remaining it a surprise…so yeah, I have a beautiful yellow Honda Fit. Contrary to the name, it doesn’t fit a lot of stuff in it (very small car), but I really like it…part of the reason I didn’t get red was for the in cognito factor, but I really love the bright yellow! This is my baby. I miss my Bue car with it’s street cred (and lots of space for my junk), but it is really awesome to constantly have a good estimate of how much gas I have left without basing it on the odometer, and eventually I was going to need a new car…the place was dumb and has a lot of discounts that they said I could get then were like oh haha nevermind…but I don’t really regret getting it where I got it from, because this is a dealership I know how to get to all by myself which means if I needed anything from them I could do it all by myself vs. the other dealership which may have had a slightly better price but I wasn’t going to be able to get there all by myself very well.

Apparently I now have a reputation at the car place at school…so I call them to give them the information they needed…and I’m trying to describe why I am calling because the guy seems kinda clueless and then suddenly it’s like a lightbulb turns on and he goes “Oh!! The new one!” and I’m like umm yeah, I guess so…I suppose most people don’t have any reason to bring a car with under 3000 miles on it anywhere but to a dealer…but when you’re directionally challenged and it probably isn’t going to be covered under warranty anyway and you are kinda busy being a student, it makes most sense to go to the place that requires no direction beyond drive down the same road you use to get everywhere else until you see the bright blue and yellow sign, then turn…


So perhaps I should have checked with the company to find out if there was any possibility I could a youth sized bracelet for my teeny tiny wrist…yeah, I can fit both my wrists in without stretching it besides to get it over my thumbs…my wrists are so small that not only can my thumb and first finger wrap around them and overlap, my thumb and pinky finger can meet wrapped around my wrist…and it is not that my hands are so big—I wear size extra small gloves and the one time I tried to do something in the chemo room at work I quickly discovered that when your hands are already swimming in the smallest gloves that adding the chemo gloves on top and thus having a LOT of extra space at the end of the gloves makes it impossible to do anything elegantly…even holding a 16oz prescription bottle feels like it requires significant fine motor skills…

party city

This Halloween costume has been circulating the internet a lot over the past month, because, oh the horror, it is too sexy. I’m sorry, but I think I am pretty conservative in terms of clothing choices, and I have a really hard time seeing how this is sexy. The skirt goes almost to her knees, and the neckline is reasonably modest—not that she is old enough for that to be a concern anyway. What’s more, she is wearing dark black pants underneath the skirt. Perhaps they are just leggings, but they sure look like pants in the picture, and either way, she is more than covered with the skirt anyway. The only problem I have with the picture is what in the world is she doing with the handcuffs, but if you have a problem with that aspect of the picture then just have your kid not hold them that way…problem solved…I have seen some costume catalogs that were disgustingly sexualized and revealing, but I do not find this one offensive whatsoever. On the teen version the skirt was getting a little short, but even the older girls version was still perfectly modest…and if skirts are so offensive they also sell a very similar version of the costume with pants…it’s a toddler sized costume…if you are buying it you are probably a parent, and you have choices…having trouble seeing the problem here.

I am not happy. I was frustrated with my grade on a particular large assignment. I was one of 6 students in the class for whom they couldn’t be bothered to give any feedback on the rough draft, so it wasn’t like going into the final I had any idea what I did right or wrong the first time which already put me at a disadvantage. I could live with my grade though…then they decided to regrade it because a lot of people weren’t happy with their score either…umm okay fine, except that they decided to decrease our grades if we had a better grade the first time…so my grade dropped nearly 10% out of 100%. I was already in the middle of writing an email to the teacher when I got that frustrating news so I added that frustration in…and finally got an email back that I could request a regrade of my assignment but it would probably result in an even lower grade because the regrade would be graded harsher than the first time…SO not happy. I wish it were appropriate to give this person a piece of my mind, because I feel like this whole class from the outset has been run extremely poorly and unfairly.

I could keep writing but soon this is going to just turn into a whine party and that is not productive so I’m going to stop now…

Actually…so one of my friends from a few years ago I just found out that I get to see every week now!! Excited!…the benefit of being friends prior to her going to school to be a counselor means no warm up to the new potential danger in the building!


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