I can dream but life don’t work that way

(Life ain’t always beautiful–Gary Allen)

Yesterday I got a nice lesson on the power of suggestion

Act I: I was in lab, doing what I do, when I spied a couple children in the hallway and instantly longed for an infant in my arms or really any kind of child contact I could get…I just wanna cuddle a cutie…I do not have steady time to give or a very stable income at the moment, so it is not realistic for me to become the proud owner of any small people any time in the near future, but oh how I crave some time with children…

Intermission to have a meeting about FCA and how we aren’t exactly super duper organized or anything…

Act II: Then I was eating my dinner and really happy with it…then I was on facebook and saw a picture of itty bitty people eating ice cream and all of a sudden I was no longer thrilled with my dinner and was craving ice cream…and had to tell myself that umm, NO you are not going to go to froyo all alone for no apparent reason, especially when you have a midterm you are not quite ready for in the morning…and besides girly, how much sugar do you REALLY think is appropriate even if you are using it to prophylax against SRMD (That’s Stress-Related Melt Down, not stress-related mucosal damage…pretty sure sugar wouldn’t do much for what SRMD actually stands for…)?…I want…luckily very vanilla milk, while definitely not anything close to froyo, came at least sorta close to satisfying that craving…but…Why would you tempt me like this?!…Oh yeah…’cause littles eating anything is pretty adorable, and when the bowl you give the kid is as big as the kids head the adorableness factor goes up exponentially…let me just go google kids eating ice cream and I’ll be back in a minute…okay, that was pretty much the cutest thing ever…back to breakfast and studying…

Look at the cute!! (I have no idea to whom this child belongs…google found me his picture…he looks a bit like my friend’s littlest, but not quite…)Image result for kids eating ice cream


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